Upwards Of 10 Percent of the $630 Billion CARES Act Stolen By Scammers

NBC News

Government aid programs have long been fertile ground for scammers. But the scale of the fraud in the unemployment program created by the CARES Act has reached a staggering level, state and federal officials say.

The Labor Department inspector general has yet to complete a full investigation but, based on previous programs, estimates at least $63 billion of the $630 billion in disbursements has been misspent. The full scope of the loss in taxpayer funds is likely orders of magnitude higher, experts and officials say, soaring well beyond $100 billion. More

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  1. The 100 million+ people who’s personal data was breached in the equifax hack in 2017 doesn’t help either… I filed for unemployment benefits in January in Ohio and haven’t worked in 15 year. Fraud is everywhere.

  2. I’d bet at least half the “scammers” are Dem party donators or operatives. Where did all the money from the “shovel-ready jobs” go? Where did all the money from the first “stimulus” go? Only a small percentage of those TRILLIONS actually went to citizens and business owners. The rest went to the politicians’ buddies so they could give untraceable kickbacks.

  3. Who got the 17M$ Obungo spent in 3 years
    of promoting homosexuality in sub-Sahara
    Africa ??? Who got millions for fake science
    bug research ??? Goes on and on and it will
    STOP 1 day… You paid 26 big T$ and you got
    nothing but bad roads,bridges and rotten commie

  4. Nawww, 63B just couch roundup fo de feds. Nuthin to see here. Hit a hunnert B and you be getting to pocket change. Now a T? You gettin in da little wallet. Da big wallet still closed up tight.

  5. Sooo … the politically-connected are now called “scammers?”

    The money was appropriated SPECIFICALLY to be stolen!
    Instead of putting tracking chips in dogs we should put them in money.
    Where the Fuck is the FBI during all this “scamming?” Aren’t they supposed to pretend to be “Investigating” something? Something “Federal?”

    Doesn’t get much more deserving of “Federal” and needing to be “Investigated” than “scammers” stealing $63 Billion, does it?

    Yeah, yeah, I know …

    izlamo delenda est …


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