Uranus has started leaking gas

Highly Detailed And Scientific NASA Research Can Confirm That Something Massive Is Coming Out Of Uranus

24 Comments on Uranus has started leaking gas

  1. Uranus is not considered to be a giant gas planet like Jupiter and Saturn but to be a frozen ice planet which includes a lot of frozen methane. So is all that frozen methane going to start leaking from Uranus anytime soon and cause interplanetary warming? If all these dimwitted scientists weren’t so bloody concerned that globull warming is real and the sky (universe) is falling apart maybe they would be credible and actually contribute to real science which is concerned with facts and not PC propaganda.

  2. Congress just needs to pass a law against this greenhouse gas emition, which is Trump’s fault.

    Pedro still hasn’t left yet.

  3. …what does toilet paper and the Starship Enterprise have in common?

    …they both circle Uranus to wipe out Klingons!

    (H/T 10 year old nerds everywhere)


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