US ambassador tired of explaining America to the enlightened in Qatar


DougPowers: And the Shameless Trump-triggered Public Servant of the Week award goes to…

US Ambassador to Qatar Dana Shell Smith appeared to criticize President Trump in a tweet on Wednesday, expressing frustration at the news coming out of the United States.

“Increasingly difficult to wake up overseas to news from home, knowing I will spend today explaining our democracy and institutions,” Smith said in her tweet.

Smith was confirmed by the Senate to her post in 2014 under former President Barack Obama.

Well then maybe the poor thing should quit what’s got to be one of the cushiest government gigs there is.  MORE

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  1. Well she didn’t get the job by sleeping with Obama that’s for sure. Anyway, she needs to be recalled and replaced immediately preferably by someone who doesn’t trust arabs. You can’t have an ambassador making cracks like that in public.

  2. Damn! Get rid of these obamaites. They are festering IEDs poisoning America.

    Most presidents replace the ambassadors asap. The one thing about President Trump’s mostly self-financing that was detrimental is not having to pay back favors with ambassadorships. (If that could be called detrimental.).

    That is probably the main reason he has so many positions open, still. He can hire on merit, not payback. Thank goodness. But GET RID OF THE OBAMA TRAITORS!

  3. Ms. Smith is more than welcome to relinquish her lofty position if her duties get in her way of enjoying a more fulfilling life.

  4. Why is a woman at that post in the first place. She is second class automatically.

    Non-stop subjugation of our ambassador. Never on equal footing.

  5. You would think that one of the most critical elements of her job would be to continual explain our democracy and institutions to her host country and why they are superior to any other form of government!

  6. I agree with Brad.
    The UAE is quite the crap hole. Leave her there until she resigns.
    Remember folks, islam is a form of government and deeply entrenched in their daily lives. NO matter how hard we try they can never understand

  7. Increasingly difficult to wake up overseas to news from home, knowing I will spend today dodging bullets and mortars.

  8. Does North Korea have an Ambassador post? Maybe she can be the first, women always want to be the first.
    I’m with Dad, who thought appointing a woman to Cutter was a good idea?
    Yeah, yeah, I know, rhetorical question.

  9. There’s an opening in Libya.

    Obama did pay for play on all of his ambassadorships. The Kennedy skank in Japan. The gay married homo reality TV star guy in Norway.

    I thought Trump already fired these people and they didn’t have time to pull their kids out of their United Nations globalist schools from wherever they are.

  10. absolutely ASAP shitcan EVERY SINGLE OBAMA POLTICAL APPOINTEE, right fucking now.

    Trust me, there are plenty of Gummint-Cheese bureaucrat drones already on-site who can “temproarily” fill in for these empty-suit political fucktards for at least the next four years.

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