US begins removing thousands of migrants in Del Rio, Texas, effort includes flights back to Haiti

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The Biden administration on Sunday began thousands of migrants encamped in the Texas border city of Del Rio, including the user of flights to return them to their homeland of Haiti.

At the same time, bout a dozen Texas Department of Public Safety vehicles lined up near the bridge and river where Haitians have been crossing from Mexico for almost three weeks, effectively closing that part of the southern U.S. border, according to the Associated Press.

Del Rio is a frequent destination for illegal immigrants crossing the border. Those being removed have been huddled under a bridge while they wait to be processed by U.S. Border Patrol agents. more

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  1. NO, NUH HUH, you don’t really have my nose!…..
    ‘Brad’s nose was not hurt in this exercise of sophomoric humor’ ….that there is a proper disclaimer….

  2. Al, and the rowing is not only for propulsion but also to power bilge pumps to eliminate water on board. Just need a few small holes in the hull to motivate the oarsmen.

  3. And of course they will make them all wear masks on the way back on the plane to protect the flight crew from COVID, right?

  4. I don’t blame anyone who wants to escape the hellhole that is Haiti, but if you want to come here you should do so legally. Of course, I am of the opinion that ALL immigration should be shut down until we get a handle on the illegals who are already here.

  5. The Haitian govt is whining that they can’t handle these people being returned. They have the nerve to tell the US to stop sending them back.
    Too bad so sad crooked dirty Haitians.
    These people can go back and fix their own country instead of coming here and ruining ours.
    They managed to get all the way to Texas, probably with the help of ngo’s. The ngo’s should pay the return trip charges.

  6. “…effort includes flights back to Haiti.”

    Napalm would be faster, cheaper, and more effective. ๐Ÿค”

    I’s jes’ sayin’…

  7. Flights back to Haiti does not solve the problem. The flights should go all the way back to Africa. That’s what Lincoln intended to do after the “Civil” War but he was stopped by one veto…..

  8. Uncle Al – Iโ€™d like to see ancient galleys used for this.
    Chain them to their oars like in Ben Hur.

    Them tell ’em the captain wants to go water skiing!

  9. Loco has it right.
    They are all asked one question, “Who is the best US President,”
    Get on the plane.

  10. in case no one has noticed, most of these folk ain’t Haitian … basket-weaving skills & grass-hut building skills are from years of practice

    I’m thinking more like a large third-world continent to our east

  11. Fly them back to Haiti, courtesy of taxpayers?
    How would that solve the problem?
    How did they get there in the first place? Who paid for that?
    Find that, and close the border, problem solved.

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