US Crackdown on Drug Cartels Shows Boom of Busts

Newsmax: The Trump administration announced a counternarcotics operation in early April, choking off the drug supply chain flowing from Latin America, and now law enforcement officials are choking off drug cartels’ cash flow in the U.S.

“It’s really around April, where we started saying, ‘Hey, we’re having a lot more success in this area,'” New York Drug Enforcement Administration special agent in charge Ray Donovan told NBC News.

“With all the stores and shops closed down here, they don’t have that as one of the means to quickly launder money.”

With businesses shutdown in the major coastal cities where drug trade had boomed, laundering money through other business transactions have been made more difficult for the smugglers, leaving piles of cash easier for law enforcement to home in on, officials told NBC News.

“Their activities are a lot more apparent than they were three months ago,” Los Angeles DEA special agent in charge Bill Bodner told NBC News. more

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  1. This “war on drugs” is quite a wonderful thing. It has trashed more constitutional protections and generated growth in government agencies and their authority like nothing before.

    Meanwhile, heroin is more readily available in my small Georgia town than before the declaration of this war.

    Can someone explain this to me?

    From my military training in conflict I have to put this in the context that we are losing. Not a battle, but the war.

  2. @Lowell — The War on Drugs was never actually about stopping drug trafficking and drug use, although that was how the enabling legislation was “sold” to us the people. The War on Some Drugs¹ was always about growth of govt power in ways previously recognized as unconstitutional, in order for those powers to be used in non-drug ways. As you point out, this has been wildly successful (and augmented by the War on Terror post 9/11).

    The secondary purpose was money, money, money. On the one hand, you have people in govt being paid to be drug warriors, you have their material suppliers, you have the penal system which is overwhelmingly populated more by drug convicts than any other single category, and you have the pols who are enriched by campaign contributions, junkets, and the general benefit of insider knowledge of upcoming legislation. On the other hand, you have every level of the enforcement system awash in bribery and corruption: cops, lawyers, judges, testing labs, everywhere the WOSD touches, there are payoffs offered and frequently taken.

    The War on Drugs is and always has been a War on the Bill of Rights, and a battle against us the people for ever more dirty money.

    1. Note that the two drugs most commonly used, alcohol and nicotine, are merely heavily taxed. even though by the standards used to condemn other drugs they do far more harm.

  3. I don’t know the DEA budget but I imagine it is quite a bit less than the gross profit of the illegal drug suppliers. There is a shitload of money in the drug trade.
    As long as there is a demand, there will be a supply.
    Also- if they ever win the War on Drugs, the DEA will have to find a different target. (Unvaccinated citizens for instance.)


  4. Fentanyl – another one of Chyna’s attempt to destroy the west.

    Roast the dealers alive!

  5. Can we go back to Lowels point?

    So…… how good is Georgia heroin anyway? And how much?

    Asking for a friend who looks just like me.

  6. 🔴 The Wall Ends the War on Drugs 🔴

    Well, the drug war never ends, there are only losing battles. We’ve had drugs for millennia, and we always will.

    🔴 Decriminalize marijuana, WAY too many resources are spent on a drug that makes people sleepy.

    🔴 Finish the wall, maintain the wall.

    🔴 Drug manufacturing is terrorism, bomb the snot out of them and don’t ask for permission.

    🔴 College students and those in the military are not subject to drinking age laws. Just plain dumb.

    🔴 Allow Americans to grow HEMP instead of letting Canadian farmers get rich off of it, and then just sell it to us anyway.

    🔴 Drug offenses should get rehab, not thrown into the Legal Industrial Complex. It’s expensive, and provides government jobs.

    🔴 Maybe it’s time to be like Iran? Caught with drugs, execution.

  7. The “Drug War” brought us ‘no-knock dynamic entry’ where too many non-combatants have been murdered; that isn’t exactly a measure of success.
    Funny they don’t mention the effect of the extended and improved border wall.
    I believe if adults want to use drugs recreationally, they should do so.
    They also shouldn’t expect to be rescued over and over again when they OD.

  8. People who want to legalize drugs must also be fine with drunk drivers murdering innocent people on the highways. Weed is not harmless. You have been brainwashed. Studies in Britain have proven it’s harmful effects which have been ignored in the US.

  9. Anonymous; bullshit argument – just because you believe what adults do in the privacy of their own home is their business doesn’t mean you advocate drunk driving – what an ignorant asshole you must be.

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