US Doctor to Travel to UK, Will Evaluate Charlie Gard With Other Experts


A New York doctor who testified in favor of treating Charlie Gard will travel to the U.K. next week to evaluate the 11-month-old. After he and other medical experts meet to discuss Charlie’s condition, Judge Nicholas Francis of the High Court in London will rule on Charlie’s fate by July 25.

Charlie has severe mitochondrial depletion syndrome and cannot move or breath on his own. On Thursday, Dr. Michio Hirano of Columbia University said recently-evaluated data suggests there is a better chance than previously thought Charlie could improve with nucleoside therapy.

On Thursday and Friday, Reviewing New Evidence

The hearing, which concluded Friday, is the latest in a months-long legal battle over Charlie’s life. Parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates have been fighting to take him to the U.S. for treatment. They raised over $1 million to do so. President Donald Trump, a New York Hospital, Pope Francis and the Vatican children’s hospital all offered to help Charlie.


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  1. Or if they knew that he was going to grow up to be homosexual or a trannie. May God bless little Charlie Gard and his parents that the right thing would be done to save his life. If these heartless cruel bastards in England can kill this little boy because he’s expendable because it would cost too much to save his life then they both in England and here and in the US can also declare others expendable. You just know that they will.

  2. i’m afraid these doctors will find charlie too far gone to help…and then, i HOPE they scream loud and clear that, had they been allowed to treat him when he was three months old, like the parents asked, the child would have had a good chance at a successful outcome…and THEN i hope they help the parents sue the crap out of all the burros involved…..and maybe they can get a regulation or two changed for the rest of the babies under “government care”…..

  3. His parents have raised over $2 million toward bringing him here. He is not a ward of the state and the UK taxpayers wouldn’t be funding his trip here. And still they refused to release him to his parents.

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