US Expected To Conduct A “Diplomatic” Boycott” Of Beijing Winter Olympics

The Hill

The Biden administration is expected to announce a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics this week, CNN reported on Sunday.

The decision would mean no U.S. government officials will attend next year’s games in Beijing, though U.S. athletes could still compete. 

Last month, Biden said a diplomatic boycott was “something we are considering.” At that time, the White House said Biden had “serious concerns” about issues in China including human rights abuses. More

China is taking the news badly. Here

8 Comments on US Expected To Conduct A “Diplomatic” Boycott” Of Beijing Winter Olympics

  1. I believe we need to boycott liberals, democrats, socialists, Marxist, commies and everyone else that hates America.

  2. A diplomatic boycott of a “global competitor”? For sending Muslim terrorists, to “the camps”?

    But business as usual when an ally sends law abiding citizens to “the camps”?

    Move along financial unit. Nothing to see here.

  3. Even Sad Sack Jimmah Carter had more guts than Biden. Carter put in a total boycott of the 1980 games which were held in Moscow.

  4. Great, no US government official will officially visit China. That does not mean the US Olympic athletes won’t attend, or US officials might attend unofficially. More importantly, Hunter will attend and get mega-money, but it won’t be reported by the MSM, so it doesn’t count

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