US Hits WikiLeaks Founder Assange With New Charges


Epoch Times: The Justice Department leveled an 18-count superseding indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on May 23.

The new charges include conspiring with former Army intelligence officer Chelsea Manning to obtain classified materials, compromising sources in the Middle East and China, and conspiracy to hack into a more secure military database.

Manning provided to Assange and WikiLeaks databases containing approximately 90,000 Afghanistan War-related significant activity reports, 400,000 Iraq War-related significant activities reports, 800 Guantanamo Bay detainee assessment briefs, and 250,000 U.S. Department of State cables.

Assange started publishing the files via Wikileaks in 2010, which resulted in Manning being court-martialed and jailed.

Assange isn’t being charged for being a publisher, or for passively obtaining or receiving classified information, said Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.  more here

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  1. Regardless of what you think of Assange, this is an ugly political hit on a man who has tons of dirt on people who will do just about anything to get him out of the picture, or at least destroy his credibility. Consider: he knows who leaked the DNC servers’ data and email.

    DJT has said bad things about Assange in the past, but I hope he sees JA’s value. I’d like to see a presidential pardon, but I’m not optimistic.

  2. Transgender Manning is walking free, running for public office,

    and this guy has been living in misery for almost a decade.


  3. Remember, ours is not an ordinary ‘Swamp.’ Besides being the biggest one in the history of the Earth, it’s the worst snake-infested, gater-teaming, piranha-filled, disease-ridden, stinking, criminal hell hole that not only needs to be drained, but bulldozed, raked, sterilized and then reseeded with native trees and plants.

    I say he’s a full-fledged hero. We’re on our Constitutional death bed and he has some much needed medicine that might help cure us of this Swamp Disease.

  4. Here is what I hope, the charges allow us to hold him in a secure location. His deal for eventual freedom depends on his willingness to spill the goods, for example, were you in communication with Seth Rich? Do you have evidence that the DNC would want him eliminated? Is he guilty of espionage? Beats the hell out of me. But he needs to be safe up until the time he has a chance to tell his story. I’m looking forward to hearing it.

  5. we know he’s unbiased. He released the goods on people from both sides of the aisle didnt he? But i’m with joe. I hope he starts talking.

  6. OK, so you can be reassured that I have my tin foil hat in an arms reach, it’s expected that “Q” will have somethings to say, after having been relatively quiet for several weeks. Even if a person thinks what he says is absolute bullshit, it’s still interesting to me. If you’re curious, It beats the hell out of CNN or MSNBC.

  7. Very complicated. We want him to expose the major Swamp Things, but what about other NON Swamp creatures that may have got caught up in the BS? Operatives and such?

    Probably long dead. And, their families no not much because of the Swamp.

  8. Bradley Edward Manning is a treasonous mentally and sexually challenged traitor, walking free. Justice/consequences did not apply to him.

    But Assange, a non-US citizen, faces judgement and possible decades of imprisonment for publishing classified military reports and information Bradley Manning had stolen as a member of the military?

    I certainly hope Assange has kept an ace or two in his sleeve for negotiation of a plea deal.

    No, I do not condone the publishing of the classified information nor do I condone the actions of the treasonous thief instigator behind it all, Bradley Manning.

    How many other so-called journalists (Main Stream Media Propagandists) have been charged for publishing “classified information” provided by the Clinton’s, Comey, Brennen, Clapper, Rice, Schiff, DOJ and FBI as a means to disrupt, discredit and impeach President Trump???

    Charge them all or Assange not be a US citizen, isn’t afforded equal justice under US law?

  9. Assange spent 3 years in the custody of the CIA, imprisoned in a black ops torture facility. He even looks like it in the photo. Do you really think he has a thinking mind left to function with after electro shocks, drugging and whatever horrors forced on him. Is it so difficult to think that our government would do that when it was acceptable in Abu Ghraib in Iraq and in Guantanamo? Why believe anything the government or the media say when it is so well known that they are in cahoots together, lying to deceive ignorant Americans? Assange can show up in a court room for a mock trial for public propaganda purposes that gullible Americans will never question. A living, mentally damaged vegetable, done KGB, Bolshevik Communist style.

  10. Just remember, truth is NOT the purpose of propaganda publications. Brain-washing with lies is. That is what every major media organization is dedicated to.

    Published: May 7, 2019
    “Retired USAF lieutenant colonel Karen Kwiatkowski writes in an article posted at Lew Rockwell’s website that Julian Assange is receiving the same treatment as suspected terrorists while in captivity at “Her Majesty’s Prison Service” at Belmarsh.

    The FBI, Pentagon, and CIA are “interviewing” Assange. Kwiatkowski writes:

    Interviewing is the wrong word. I’d like to say doctoring him, because it would be more accurate, except that word implies some care for a positive outcome. Chemical Gina has her hands in this one, and we are being told that Assange is being “treated” with 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, known as BZ.

    BZ is a powerful drug that produces hallucinations. “Soldiers on BZ could remember only fragments of the experience afterward. As the drug wore off, and the subjects had trouble discerning what was real, many experienced anxiety, aggression, even terror,” the New Yorker reported. “…The drug’s effect lasted for days. At its peak, volunteers were totally cut off in their own minds, jolting from one fragmented existence to the next. They saw visions: Lilliputian baseball players competing on a tabletop diamond; animals or people or objects that materialized and vanished.”

    Assange is being chemically lobotomized prior to being extradited to the United States to stand trial on bogus computer hacking charges that—and the corporate media won’t tell you this—passed the statute of limitations three years ago (see 18 U.S. Code § 371.
    Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States).”

    Saturday, November 10, 2018
    “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” Attributed to former CIA Director William Colby, who died shortly after, in a mysterious canoeing accident…at night.

    Udo Ulfkotte – Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News

  11. He has kept dangling hints out there about who did what but I wonder how much he really has. Given the fix he’s in now I’d have thought he’d have released some of it pertaining to this coup. He’s looking at getting buried under some federal prison while the actual traitor faggot prances away. I hope he’s got more than talk to offer, we’d all benefit.

  12. Well, boys? Got those papers handy? It’s time. Start crossing off names. Or put on your sign. (Oh don’t worry if “It fell off.” To quote Leonard Cohen, “Everybody knows.”).

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