US Immigration Case Backlog Tops 1 Million

Epoch Times: The backlog in U.S. immigration court cases has exceeded 1 million, according to the latest data from Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a research organization at Syracuse University.

As of the end of August, the court’s backlog of active cases reached 1,007,155, the data showed. This year, in particular, the backlog of pending court cases has surged when compared to previous years.

Last year, there were 768,257 cases in total; in 2017, it was 629,051.

There were an additional 322,535 cases that the courts say are pending, but have not yet been placed on the active caseload rolls, according to TRAC. If these cases were added to the current backlog, the number of cases would top 1.3 million.

Court records also reveal that during the first 11 months of fiscal year 2019, a total of 384,977 new cases reached the court. If it continues at that rate through the final month of this fiscal year, 2019 will also mark a new record, TRAC said. read more

7 Comments on US Immigration Case Backlog Tops 1 Million

  1. The democratic party is a criminal organization. The entire party backs backs the breaking of immigration laws.

    When they tell you that republicans are racist, throw that in their face. I do.

  2. Another reason to build the wall–to cut down on the backlog of immigration cases. We have been told that rounding up 11 million illegal aliens for deportation is impossible and not practical, but adjudicating 1 million immigration cases is just fine?

  3. Did they put any $$ figures with that?

    No more blanket immunity in exchange for clearing the docket! How about blanket deportation instead?!


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