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US Investigating ‘Havana Syndrome’ Directed Energy Attack Near White House

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Since 2017 controversy and speculation has abounded over the legitimacy of the so-called “Havana syndrome” story, which involved some 50 diplomatic officials working at the US Embassy in Cuba coming down with strange illnesses and symptoms – from headaches to vomiting to ‘brain trauma’ – which was blamed on high tech covert ‘sonic attacks’ by nefarious actors. Officials were quick to blame either Russian intelligence or Cuban operatives in what sounded like a wild James Bond style bit of futuristic espionage. 

Last week the allegations returned to national media spotlight after defense officials said they believe Russia is likely behind “directed energy” attacks on US troops in northeast Syria. Apparently some US troops occupying the country began reporting “flu-like symptoms” which caused the DoD to investigate possible linkage to microwave or directed energy weapons on the battlefield of Syria. Politico reported that “officials identified Russia as a likely culprit, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter.”

And now CNN is reporting what is perhaps the most bizarre and outlandish instance of this yet – a ‘sonic attack’ which sickened a top administration official while standing just outside White House grounds. more

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  1. So, they finally found someone that listened to potato-joe’s speech.

  2. Testing the new insurrection deterrent system, nothing to see, move along.

  3. The “unidentified official” was probably smoking weed.

  4. Off topic:
    Have you seen that stooopid Lilicloth ad on IOTW homepage?
    The t-shirt says “Vaccinated because I’m not stupid”

  5. All of a sudden I’m feeling better about my collection of fashionable tin hats.

  6. Sonic attack? Will noise-canceling headphones block that?

  7. EMP weapons are real. They think an EMP attack was aimed at Trump while he was President and visiting Scotland. A drone flew overhead when there was supposed to be no air traffic and a Secret Service agent had a stroke protecting the President when it was spotted. But I’m just a conspiracy theorist, right? My prediction? We ain’t seen nothing yet. We’re back to Muh Russia when the biggest terrorists in the world live right in DC.

  8. Biden is immune to such attacks, can’t get much more incoherent than he already is….

  9. The only way I could see a “directed energy” attack being conducted without it being easily detected and the source located would be if it was using some unknown kind of energy for which there was no way of detecting it.

    And if you had access to an unknown energy, why would you waste it and risk its existence becoming known by something of this small in scale?

  10. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Teh Gooberment has made it’s accusation.
    Now let them prove it.

  11. Made up story to explain Joe’s stupidity.

  12. Launch a counter strike with the brown note.

  13. The density of SlowJoe’s skull – combined with the mush inside – makes him impervious, thankfully. 😑

  14. It is real and more is on the way.
    Laugh if you want.I have been in electronics
    since 1968. Near field high energy RF can
    cause all kinds of human brain problems
    short term and long term.The military has
    these devices.Ha Ha Ha “sure Jan” wake the F up!

  15. From the article:
    “At the same time the US-funded National Academy of Sciences concluded that “microwave radiation” was most likely the source of the strange illnesses in Havana. Should this be the case, what makes it hugely alarming for US national security is that it’s invisible, soundless, and thus undetectable. “

    Microwaves may be invisible and soundless, but they are certainly detectable. It’s called a radar detector.

  16. Who’s going to do anything about it – the Republicans?


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