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US Kicks Off First California Coast Offshore Wind Auction


The United States on Tuesday is set to kick off the first sale of offshore wind development rights for waters off the coast of California, expanding the nascent domestic industry to the Pacific Ocean.

The auction is a major milestone in the Biden administration’s push to put wind turbines along every U.S. coastline as part of its climate change agenda.

Projects developed in the area could one day power 1.5 million homes, according to the Department of Interior, and are a key part of California’s efforts to wean its power sector off fossil fuels by 2045.

The sale also puts the United States, which has lagged Europe in development of offshore wind farms, at the forefront of the expansion of floating turbines, an emerging technology needed when the depth of the ocean precludes the use of standard, fixed equipment.

“It puts California on a path to be a global hub for offshore wind technology,” JC Sandberg, interim chief executive of the American Clean Power Association, said on a call with reporters. MORE

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  1. Question #1
    Can they bid in money backed BitCoins?

    Questioon #2
    Can they bid online?

    Question #3
    What Big Corps have already been pre-approved for the Big Bid?

  2. Every bidder must affirmatively affirm that Half of the winning bidders crews must be trabs-something or other and will cover half of all diversity blocks.

    The other Half must be Half Man and Half Woman equally divided and paid Half Wages for equalities equaled with extra bonuses applied to the overall pay plan projections.

    No other terms really matter so hop to and get ready to Bid.

  3. So, the measure of success is for 100% of developed capacity can provide for 10.5% of existing California homes? That is not success by any measure. Ther are very good reasons why that is not the historically preferred power generation method.

    p.s. don’t care how many seagulls get shredded, but the Capistrano Swallows might care.

  4. Just heard
    BitCoin grifters have officially announced expectations to be half as profitable this coming fiscal year as opposed to last fiscal year.

    This means there are still half of you dumbf#ckers ready to keep the dream going. Ha Ha.

  5. The same thing is going to happen in Maine and that is why they’re trying to shut down the lobster industry.

  6. “Projects developed in the area could one day power 1.5 million homes”
    for about 10 minutes/day…

  7. I’m sure glad our defense department has a brilliant plan to defend these floating wet dreams that will keep the lights on in California. It’s like the government is making a blueprint for the entire world on how to nuke our already fragile power grid. Ignorance on Parade.

  8. They call the wind Payola. Way out west off of the coast of California where the wind used to be free and cheap and now can be turned into electricity (NIMBY) they call the wind Payola. But what if the wind doesn’t blow? I wonder if they’ll give the wind concession to Cuisinart, just because.

  9. What a complete waste of money, time, and resources! People who actually believe there is such a thing as ” green” energy (other than passive solar) are brainwashed and stupid.

  10. “The auction is a major milestone in the Biden administration’s…”

    That incomplete statement alone is a deal breaker for most America patriots.

  11. Endangered flying fish are the most at risk….The endangered snail darter has no wings and yet it still will die…re-introduce grey wolves and grizzly’s where they never were, just give them swimming lessons…

  12. Assuming .338 Lapua Magnum, what is the best aim point to harvest a spinning offshore wind turbine? Would that be the same for .50 BMG? Asking for that friend, again.

  13. Since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, the energy generated by harvesting the wind used to serve another purpose in the grand scheme of things. How is this going to change natural systems of this world?

  14. AnonTrooper
    Energy can be converted into Banker Watts thus maintaining the ancient global ecosystems balance book on the official records act of ages ago.

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