US Marshals boss probed for office sex made underlings do his ‘homework:’ sources

NYPost: A top US Marshals official currently under investigation for allegedly sleeping with a junior colleague now stands accused of pawning off his post-graduate program homework to his subordinates, The Post has learned.

Multiple law-enforcement sources outed the Marshals bigwig as Andrew Smith, the assistant director of the Tactical Operations Division — while revealing more details about the alleged romp at the agency’s Virginia headquarters.

The Marshals Service is probing Smith for allegedly getting underlings to do his homework assignments while attending a post-graduate program at the Naval War College, according to sources and a letter reviewed by The Post. 

The anonymous letter — signed by a “concerned colleague” — was sent to the Rhode Island college’s registrar’s office in June, said a source with knowledge of the message.

“I am writing to inform you a U.S. Marshals Service employee and Naval War College student, Andrew Smith, is under an internal investigation for tasking subordinates to complete class assignments, which he submitted to the Naval War College as his own work,” the letter states.

“Our agency mantra is Justice, Integrity, Service. If true this allegation is a complete failure of integrity,” it adds.  MORE HERE

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  1. Pedo Biden certainly never did his own homework.

    Pedo Biden doesn’t even have his own thoughts.

    Pedo Biden is the titular head of the Federal government.

    I would expect more of this as the rest of the purged, woke government continues to follow his example.

  2. This is a wake up call for anyone who still thinks the U.S. Marshall service somehow escaped corruption and will be frog-marching Communists Democrats to prison any day now…

  3. “According to sources, Smith is eligible for retirement next month and may dodge any discipline — and receive full retirement benefits — if he leaves the agency before the internal review is complete.”

    There’s your problem, right there.

  4. I reserve comment until I see what his side squeeze looked like.

    I’m a pig that way.


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