US Navy Now Letting Confused Sailors Define Their Own Gender

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After previously being banned, the U.S. Navy is allowing the first transgender service member to serve in the Navy under their preferred gender.

“The acting Secretary of the Navy has approved a specific request for exemption related to military service by transgender persons and persons with gender dysphoria,” Navy spokeswoman Lt. Brittany Stephens told CNN.

“This service member requested a waiver to serve in their preferred gender, to include obtaining a gender marker change in (the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) and being allowed to adhere to standards associated with their preferred gender, such as uniforms and grooming,” Stephens added. More

I’m feeling a little seasick right now. – Dr. Tar

28 Comments on US Navy Now Letting Confused Sailors Define Their Own Gender

  1. Friggin’ Navy has become a testing ground for these stupid, misguided social experiments. Pres Trump is commander in chief. He should countermand this B.S..

  2. Have the folks making these decisions served on ships in combat?

    OR it the Navy simply acquiescing to the LGBTXYZ activists?

    Geezus, how does this bullshit happen? Our CINC (Trump) said NO, right?

  3. Gimme a friggin break in my day it was Seaman and Airman and not a bunch of Seapersons. And we only had 2 sexes or genders in the Navy men and women. Call me old fashioned but I hate this politically correct bullshit.

  4. I hope they don’t pick male or female… they seem the only 2 genders dying from the Wuhan corona-virus.

  5. I just went to the garage and scraped the US Navy Veteran sticker off my rear window. I am no longer proud of being a member of that institution.

  6. Misleading article…leads off with a picture of ENLISTED SAILORS but the freak involved is an OFFICER, which would have an entirely different peer group.

  7. Hello? The seditious gay Kenyan commie is gone, as should be his policies and and all of his suck ups. If an unfortunate person with crossed wires wants to serve and fit in, so what? But you do not upset the entire organization to please 0.0001%.

  8. Oh that’s nice then the taxpayers can foot the medical bills for changing genders. What a freak show our military has become.

    How the hell are we expecting our military to fight wars, when the damn military is so freaking messed up. Damn.

    There is nothing ‘uniform’ about the standards. Slide rules are for math, not military rules and regulations.

    Chaos rules and that is EXACTLY what the commies want.

  9. I wonder how long it will be before some sailors decide to see how long one of these “gender confused individuals” can tread water?

  10. And I thought it was the Air Force troops that were a little light in their loafers!

  11. Easy way to fix that problem. President Trump can announce a 50% cut to the Navy’s budget, per year till they get their craniums out of their butts.

  12. This news must send a thrill throughout the Red Chinese Navy. It’s going to be a real exciting occasion when their Bat Soup Slurping Sailors meet up with our Gender Dysphoria Suffering Swabbies. Things sure have changed since the glorious days of yore. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed up your stern!” “I have not yet begun to figure out my best fighting weight!” “You may change your gender when ready, Girlyman!”

    Somewhere, Admiral Bull Halsey is hanging his head over a head.

  13. The JFKs nickname in the 80s was The African Queen. You can guess why. Heard that from a spook (intel guy) onboard who’d been my instructor at A school.

  14. How are we sure that a guy who denies his own reality isn’t going to deny he’s on a battlefield?
    It’s sort of like assigning a schizophrenic to a listening station.


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