US released 375,000 illegal immigrants who entered with family members

WaEx: More than 375,000 of the 473,682 immigrants who were caught illegally crossing the southern border with a family member in fiscal 2019 were released by federal law enforcement into the interior of the United States, according to data obtained by the Washington Examiner.

From Oct. 1, 2018 and Sept. 30, 2019, Border Patrol agents working along the U.S.-Mexico border arrested 851,508 people who entered the country between ports of entry. In addition to the 473,682 people who arrived as part of a family, there were 76,000 unaccompanied children, according to previously released data.

Border Patrol told the Washington Examiner its agents released more than 145,000 family members directly from its stations between March and September 2019, the months that had the highest levels of arrests. People who were released would have been allowed to go anywhere in the country, including those who were not seeking asylum. Customs and Border Protection, under which Border Patrol is housed, does not release data on the number of arrestees who go on to seek asylum, though Department of Homeland Security officials shared last year that it was a low percentage.

Border Patrol made the unusual move last March of releasing people directly from its custody rather than turning people over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE cited two issues that made it difficult to hold families: it lacked the bed space and a 2015 court ruling blocked it from detaining families more than 20 days. read more

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  1. And the wind up? How many dropped anchor babies, granting them immediate “citizenship ties” to our country?

  2. Sigh. I fear for our Republic.
    Come to America and destroy the history and culture of our great country. I know that things are better under Trump, but these types of stories just emphasize that we still have a long way to go.
    I am not a white nationalist, though I am white. I do not care what your nationality is. I do not care what your race is (my girlfriend is Chinese). I just want you to follow our rules.

  3. Fools are killing America. On who’s instruction have they been released? When will it stop? Just how many can we take?

  4. Every illegal alien should get a free ride to Patagonia and a free chip in their ass. If we can keep track of cows, we can keep tarck of illegals……….second offense goes to Somalia!!

  5. Maybe for certain family situations (or not). Main interest right now would be Sanctuary Cities and possibly those who let them walk without repercussions.

    Still need to apply:

    “8 USCode 1324, Paragraphs A and B”, et al., “Bringing in and harboring certain aliens”, if applicable.

    After several months, trying to find that “8 USCode 1324” (and any parts thereof) has been repealed. So far…nothing. Still, apparently, in effect. Still searching, however.

  6. It sounds bad but the last sentences say this below –(still how will they be found again in the interior of the country>)

    ICE deported 267,258 people in 2019 including 5,702 people who arrived with a family member and 6,351 unaccompanied children. The remainder were people arrested inside the country by ICE and single adults arrested at the southern border.

    The total 375,000 people released into the country are among 3.2 million who have been released by federal immigration authorities and are awaiting court hearings to decide whether they will removed from the country.

    Since the fall, the number of families traveling to the border have dramatically declined as the Trump administration has taken steps to reduce the number of people traveling to the border.

  7. So if enough people crash the boarder, then they all get in.

    What the fkuc is the point?


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