US Signs Agreement with Mexico to Protect Mexican Workers–Including Illegals


– At a signing ceremony on Friday, the U.S. government, through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Mexican government to allow Mexican Nationals – regardless of immigration status – to “exercise their workplace rights.”

The MOU is consistent with the “core mission of this commission,” Mexican Ambassador to the United States Eduardo Medina Mora Icaza said, adding “that regardless of national origin or immigration status all workers have rights and there are processes to safeguard them.

“This is what makes this country so great,” the ambassador said.

The four-page memorandum states in the “Overall Objective” section, in part, that its purpose is: “to establish a collaborative relationship to provide Mexican Nationals in the United States with information, guidance, and access to education and training resources to help them understand and exercise their workplace rights, particularly with regard to reducing violations again them under the laws and regulations that are administered and enforced by EEOC.”



12 Comments on US Signs Agreement with Mexico to Protect Mexican Workers–Including Illegals

  1. If Mexico is so great, why is everyone trying to escape into the USA?

    Wait until these invaders realize they’ve been duped by Barry the magic negro.

    Fresh meat, pendejo’s.

  2. So while they admit it is illegal to hire workers without legal status to work in America, the EEOC is going to make sure Illegal immigrants are not discriminated against by american employers in the hiring process???

    WTF??? How can anyone even give a speech about this with a straight face.

  3. When are we going to start deporting legal citizens to unknown destinations in order to make more room for illegals?

  4. What we should do is let the fucking illegals work while the current working class quits and goes on state welfare.

    This shit would reverse itself overnight.

  5. This will continue just as long as the politicians, bureaucrats, and judiciary don’t fear a negative consequence. If they were afraid of showing up for work due to a high risk of loss of life or limb it would stop immediately.

  6. Call me old-fashioned, but this sort of thing should be dealt with by Congress, as an amendment to an existing treaty or agreement with Mexico, such as NAFTA. It should be deliberated and negotiated in public, not signed away by some little czarlet in the EEOC.

    Next week we’ll find out tbe EPA signed a Carbon Tax agreement with the UN.

  7. It’s about time. This has been one of the major stumbling blocks to controlling demand for illegal workers. When there is no advantage to hiring illegals, i.e. enforcement of labor laws across the board, then all the scumbag employers will have to compete fairly (OK, a little less unfairly).

  8. If you want your country back, your gonna have to take it back, hang the traitors, and resurrect the Constitution.

    If you’re not willing to do that, then learn to eat shit and like it.

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