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US to resume International Space Station flights with Russia

Wasn’t Vladimir Putin and Russia bad and evil just 10 minutes ago?

Washington (AFP) – The United States said Friday it would resume flights to the International Space Station with Russia, despite its attempts to isolate Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine.

“To ensure continued safe operations of the International Space Station, protect the lives of astronauts and ensure continuous US presence in space, NASA will resume integrated crews on US crew spacecraft and the Russian Soyuz,” US space agency NASA said in a statement.

NASA said that astronaut Frank Rubio would fly with two Russian cosmonauts on a Soyuz rocket scheduled to launch on September 21 from Kazakhstan, with another astronaut, Loral O’Hara, taking another mission in early 2023.

In a first, Russian cosmonauts will join NASA astronauts on SpaceX’s new Crew-5 which will launch in September from Florida with a Japanese astronaut also on the mission.

Another joint mission on the SpaceX Crew-6 will fly out in early 2023, NASA said.

The move comes despite the European Space Agency earlier this week terminating its relationship with Russia on a mission to put a rover on Mars, infuriating Russian space chief Dmitry Rogozin who banned cosmonauts on the ISS from using a European-made robotic arm. more here

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  1. That mad evil Ruski SOB will kill the rest of the crew, turn the space station around toward NYC, and smash it into the World Trade Center. You just wait and see, Russia Lovers.

    We never learn.

  2. It’s okay for US officials to engage in various channels of looting the government coffers without the need for their narratives to be consistent.

  3. These donks are nothing if not consistently inconsistently inconsistent!
    And…Them’s their good points.

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