USA Today: “Here’s why you should have faith in Robert Mueller and the Russia Investigation”

The fact that USA Today ran an opinion piece today trying to convince the American people not to turn against the Mueller witch hunt says a lot about the shaky ground the whole investigation is on. The reasons the writer, Joyce Van White, offers up primarily run the gamut from, “trust the establishment” to “trust Mueller, he’s a careerist.” More

15 Comments on USA Today: “Here’s why you should have faith in Robert Mueller and the Russia Investigation”

  1. I stopped reading USA Today about 10 years ago. They are a classic example of why a large majority of the general public no longer have respect for the journalism profession.

  2. Translation; “We’re gonna get that bad orange man, YOU’LL see, we’ll validate ANYTHING Mueller comes up with and Pelosi will get him impeached for you, and his little Vice President too, have faith in US, we PROMISE!

    Love, The Democrat Nationa…I mean, The Main Stream Media”

  3. Mueller’s running more a star chamber right now than a witch hunt. Either way, the opposition to the establishment is always guilt of something.

  4. I have complete trust that Mueller will continue to act consistently as a deceitful, corrupt, partisan, power-hungry, Soviet-style institutionalized conspiratorial thug.

  5. I didn’t even know USA Today was a real newspaper, thought it was just something they gave away free when you stayed at hotels.

  6. No mention of President Trump telling Mueller that there was NO WAY Mueller would head the FBI again given Mueller’s mishandling of the anthrax investigation in the early naughties? Hmmm. Fancy that.

  7. This is the opinion of Joyce White Vance. An Obama appointed attorney. Why would I take her opinion seriously?

  8. “Mueller leads a team of highly qualified public servants who have worked at Justice for many years, without regard to which party holds the presidency at any particular time.”

    Translation: Rino Bush and leftist Ob0l0 appointees are all straight shooters

  9. I read the comments at USA Today. Not a one of them in support of Mueller. That says a lot more than the article did.

  10. UNCLE AL
    I have been a fanatic anti Marxist for 70 years. So I was very (extremely) unhappy when my progressive President made a many with decades of friendship with the KGB/FIS head of the FBI. to have a Russian friend/agent investigate anyone for ties to Russia is Orwell. “freedom is slavery, war is peace….”

  11. When I was forced to travel, the hotels would push this rag under my door. I would kick it into the hallway when I left. Funny side note. I went to an oil change place in Communist Missoula to get my oil changed. They had CNN on the TV. Found remote changed To FOX, and hid it. Middle aged woman came in, saw it on and attempted to jump up and down to change channel on the TV set. Looked like a trained circus monkey.

  12. Trump can’t be indicted; now they say there will be no report from Mueller. Has the media been keeping us running on a wild goose chase? To keep their ratings up, maybe? What is going on?????

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