USC Threatened Student Because She Wouldn’t Agree to the Lie That Her Boyfriend Beat Her Up

The war on straight white males has reached absurd proportions. In its zeal to further an agenda that says white males have “toxic masculinity,” USC is pissed that the “victim” won’t go along with their kangaroo court.

Some idiot 3rd party source told a tale about a student getting beaten up by her boyfriend, a claim that the alleged victim says was a complete fabrication, and the University refuses to release their death grip on the alleged perp.

How many times does a college have to be driven down this same road, a road that ultimately leads to ditch, by some deranged, twisted, angry social justice a-hole who trawls with agenda-driven blinders?


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  1. There is simply no way to provide restitution for personal, academic, social, and career damage done to innocent college and university students by rabid feminist faculty and administrators. That being the reality here, the best that can be done is subject the guilty to horrendously humiliating punishment as a deterrent to other who might be tempted to act similarly.

    The first thought that came to mind was a public, televised, and live-streamed performance of sex acts with a robotic Donald Trump or Ann Coulter.

    Any other ideas?

  2. So it’s not enough that disgruntled ex-lovers can now charge men with rape where none occurred, now we have the university accusing the man of rape when both he and the sex partner say it didn’t happen. How the hell did the Title IX office get the power to prosecute without due process, evidence, or testimony? I hope USC gets taken to the cleaners and goes bankrupt.

  3. Another reason not to send your kids to college. No due process. And they are so tied to their agenda they don’t care that they’ll eventually have to pay out a penalty to the victim, the point will be made and that individual’s life is forever changed.

  4. Too bad it’s not a pre-requisite that “perfessers” have to work real jobs in the private sector for 10 years before donning a pussyhat to work in the college fantasyland!

  5. SUE…it’s not just a boy’s name anymore. (Reference to Johnny Cash, and if you don’t know who he is, well….)!!!

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