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USDA Greenlights First-Ever Honeybee Vaccine

PJM: Honeybee populations have declined precipitously in the past few decades at increasing clips, which is not just bad news for honey production. Complete honeybee extinction would collapse the global food supply and potentially starve billions, as the insects are responsible for pollinating $500 billion worth of crops worldwide annually.

Per results from a survey conducted by Bee Informed Partnership, American beekeepers “lost 45.5% of their managed honey bee colonies from April 2020 to April 2021.” Habitat loss, pesticides, and parasites all contribute to these declines.

An American biotech firm has gained regulatory approval for a potential remedy for at least one of the maladies afflicting the global honeybee population, a bacterial infection called American foulbrood disease.

27 Comments on USDA Greenlights First-Ever Honeybee Vaccine

  1. They’re gonna fuck around till we’re ALL dead.

    Them included.

    “God” is not as easy a job as they think.

  2. Will the vaccine be mandatory? Should we ostracize non vaxxed bees?

  3. Bees suffering from sudden death syndrome?
    Bees will be dropping like… flies!

  4. So you don’t even bother to address the causes behind this and instead introduce a ‘vaccine’ that is probably going to kill off the remaining bees because Gates and his clan of psychos already are producing lab grown food and introducing more and more lab grown crap every day.

  5. The Beepocalypse remains untrue
    https. ://www.

  6. On August 16, 1987, Northwest Airlines Flight 255 departed DTW airport at 0845 and crashed into a busy highway immediately outside of the airport, suffering a total hull loss and killing all crew and passengers other than a single 4 yo girl.

    Subsequent investigations found that the pilots were so focused on getting off the ground ahead of a storm that they forgot to configure the plane for takeoff, doomimg it to crash.

    They had also disabled the alarm system that would have told them about it before takeoff because it was too annoying during taxi.

    It was no comfort to the 152 people that died or the lone girl that survived that the two pilots killed themselves in the accident as well.

    That’s where we are with this world.

    Whoever is running it has a goal in mind that they are so fixated on that they don’t notice the runway is running out for EVERYONE, and by censoring or killing opposition they have silenced the alarms.

    It is no saving grace that they are likely to die in the conflagration following their egregious miscalculation.

    The billions that they kill in their headlong plunge from the hubris of their own overconfidence in their abilities will be just as dead either way.

  7. Remember Sculdy & Molder from the FBI
    X-Files TV show ? All the episodes talked
    about bees & corn. The spooks were hiding
    space alien DNA in the bees and the corn.

  8. Vaccinate more and more about less and less until eventually we shall have vaccinated everything for nothing at all.

  9. So, just exactly how will they vaccinate all those bees? These idiot elites who think that they are God are not and never will bee even a small g god. Not even in their wildest evil demonic dreams. I am beginning to believe that God has totally given them over to their reprobate minds since they will not believe in or acknowledge that God is the creator of all things created. And they’re jealous of God’s power and want it for themselves to control all of mankind who don’t believe as they do. God will not be mocked; the elites will be held to ridicule and scorn as they always have been by the common people.

  10. Well, that settles it. I was putting off getting my own hive or two. Now I see it as way more important and useful.

    Like some comments above, they’re going to kill off as many bees as possible in their attack on America. Most people probably don’t realize how important bees are to our food supply.

  11. I was going to make way for a bee colony but city code won’t allow it on my property as it needs to be at least 200 feet from any building and on my property that’s impossible. But I found a substitution. Those fuckers got no code on bats. I’m starting an 800 bat colony with plans to expand it to thousands. It’s going to be setup along my leftist neighbor fence line, as close as I can get it.

  12. ecp, your neighbor will, no doubt, go bat shit crazy….

  13. More likely pretend to fix some thing.
    Search 5g bees.
    Long version.
    “The Secret Behind 5g Technology”

  14. maybe they have a vaccine that would prevent colony collapse
    it could happen
    maybe bees feeding from and pollinating gmo crops causes colony collapse
    it could happen
    maybe only the vaccinated bees survive and only be able to live from gmo crops
    it could happen
    there are people that would like such a thing

  15. Stay well clear of honey in the future, the vaccines will have been salted with MRNA

  16. @3DFighter – exactly my thought.
    BTW, I just highlighted everything from washingtonexaminer-forward and went directly to the page. So I guess we can post working links that way, people just have to highlight the entire link and navigate rather than have a clickable link.

  17. Stupid elites have pretty much recreated their Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Now they are working on their Tower of Babel.
    It’s going to be an interesting day, when God finally decides he’s had enough.

  18. @ Different Tim
    JANUARY 6, 2023 AT 9:48 AM
    Will the vaccine be mandatory?
    Only if they want to keep their jobs in the hive. 🐝


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