USDA Staffers Resign Rather Than Leave The Swamp

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Two small agencies within the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) may be moving outside of Washington, D.C. and the federal employees involved are not happy about that. Both agencies are seeing an increase of resignations on a monthly basis.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced his intention to relocate the Economic Research Service (ERS) and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) from the swamp to the heartland. Perdue said to think of it as moving the department’s scientists closer to its “customers”, the farmers. Perdue thinks the move will improve customer service and agency performance. The majority of staffers will be asked to relocate, but the actual location of the move has not yet been announced. More

22 Comments on USDA Staffers Resign Rather Than Leave The Swamp

  1. Think of all the Christmas card lists they’ll be deleted from and the shame of having their names spoke of in hushed whispers at D.C. cocktail parties!

    Oh, the shame!!

  2. Idea: Move the entire capital to a different state every 10 years. That way the swamp never has a chance to get rooted.

  3. FTA: To a lesser extent, some elitists in Washington are concerned about a potential brain drain from the USDA.

    Right-o. Because those dumb hicks out in flyover country, who actually farm, couldn’t possibly possess the intelligence of any N VA/DC/MD grifters.

    Boohoo, cry me a river. Get over yourselves ya govt leeches.

  4. Sounds like a intelligent money saving plan. Rent in DC is ridiculous. Just make sure they leave their swamp bullshit behind.

  5. Perfect. Now move HUD to Chicago or St Louis.
    Wash, rinse, repeat. Agency by agency.

    Traffic gridlock in DC would disappear. They’re not lacking asphalt in DC. They have an over abundance of assholes. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

  6. Sounds like an idea for Congress. Or better yet, Congress only in session during summer, the rest of the time, stay the hell in their own district. And make Congress a real job, again.
    -No damn ‘junkets’ to foreign vacation spots, unless you’re in a foreign relations committee and no damn family! My husband went on Temporary Duty, many times and not once were his family, friends or possible fat cat donors allowed.
    -part time pay for the part time work they do
    -Every law, rule, regulation they pass CANNOT exempt themselves, elitist bastards.
    -taxpayers WILL not pay for more than one office/condo and it only will be in DC and will be Government housing apartments. Any office in their district will be paid for by their district.

    And if they are going to investigate Americans, we must make them do so under the law, with due process, meaning we don’t lose our rights, and they will NOT be judge and jury!

    And get some damn ethics going. What a snake pit of corruption and what the hell do they have an ethics committee for; a facade, smoke screen

  7. They have to advertise the position of any openings and there will be plenty of applicants but they won’t meet the requirements. Unions will try to lower the standards. Be aware. They need to cut the staff number allocations. That’s where things are really controlled.

  8. “improve customer service and agency performance.”
    Lifer liberal agency drones ain’t gonna like that either.

  9. Move ALL of D.C. to Tumbleweeds, ND then! We’ll see who wants to SERVE, and who wants to collect at the public teet!

  10. This is an excellent way to: thwart the Swamp, thwart the lobbyists, save money on rent and related overhead, boost the economies of flyover counties, and thin the bloated ranks of can’t-be-fired career bureaucrats.

    Absolutely brilliant move.

  11. State in the Exit documentation that there will be NO Rehires for any employee for Fed or State positions for 18 months if their reason for resignation was to avoid relocation to an alternate location.

  12. I’ve said this a million times. The best way to decorrupt the federal government is to spread it all over the country. With today’s communications technology, there is zero reason to have the federal government centralized in DC, none.

  13. Move the U.N. to Africa, closer to the source of world problems.

    Watch all the concerned diplomatcs quit rather than leave New York


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