Use of Solitary Confinement Common Among Illinois Schools

They call it by a number of different euphemisms, like “cool down room” or “calming room,” but in practice, especially for the developmentally disabled, its solitary confinement. School officials have generated tens of thousands of pages of transcripts of the children subject to the enforced isolation within plywood boxes or padded cells. It makes for heart wrenching reading.

Now the widespread use across Illinois of this torturous disciplinary measure has been brought before the public by a Chicago Tribune expose. [Full Article Here]

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  1. It fo da chirrens
    prepping public school to prison
    Good time to ask how all that school tax money gets distributed.

  2. I’d of gone right past this story ordinarily, but read the text of the experiences of the students subjected to solitary confinement changed my mind about the importance of this article. It’s horrific.

  3. When the schools started feeding the kidz morning, lunch and afternoon with a mountain of laws to conform to, they basically morphed into Kid Containers where learning is optional.


    When I was a substitute in a “not-so-great” public school, those padded, sound-proof rooms were for those SCUMBAG brats who shouldn’t even be in school. The door has a thick glass square to look inside just like a real prison cell.

    Those out-of-control brats shouldn’t even BE in a public school, they should be institutionalized because they are violent and a danger to the other children, disrupt every class they are in. I would never let my kid be in the same room with them.

    Don’t feel sorry for them, these kids are so screwed up with screwed up families and communities, they are beyond help. Every classroom should have a padded room for these future death row guests.

    *anyone who wants more detail, ask and I’ll post something here later.

  5. It is one thing to wonder about the students, albeit disruptive or not and to what degree, but can you imagine what is actually hired to be the ‘security gaurds’? Some form of civil servant THUG probably and my PARENTS were both civil servants, so…

    BTW, this is no different than the trash hired in the MCC that are now the Epstein patsies.

    Has anyone seen a pic of them at their arraignment??

  6. Allow me to analyze this pile of hot garbage for you

    Children were sent to isolation after refusing to do classwork, for swearing, for spilling milk, for throwing Legos.

    Oh bologna! Are these the same people who reported “concentration camp” conditions at the border? They are in there because they pick up chairs and threaten to bash other children’s heads in during story time when they laugh and the crazy kid thinks they are mocking and laughing at him. Yeah, I had to drag one to solitary for that, and he was in there screaming his head off for 2 hours. Screw him.

    In more than a third of these incidents, school workers documented no safety reason for the seclusion.

    They get thrown in there because they are habitual HARASSERS of the teacher and other students. No one can put up with that 8 hours a day. Teachers can’t hit children anymore, so off they go into the punishment room….little brats!

    Parents, meanwhile, often are told little about what happens to their children.

    Gee, I can’t imagine why, oh wait, I can, it’s because their parents are the cause of the kid’s problem in the first place, and staff doesn’t want to engage them for any reason.

    ….school systems that have banned seclusion argue that the practice has no therapeutic or educational value, that it can traumatize children — and that there are better alternatives.

    100% false. The educational value is that the brat is not able to ruin the education of other students who actually want to learn. Better alternatives? Ha! I have heard that line of trash for over 20 years! All the backseat philosophers don’t seem to have the courage to step into the classroom and see if their phony-balony THEORY actually works. It doesn’t. “Now Da’Quan, please put down that super sharpened pencil you threatened to stab the other students with, I think you need some therapeutic treatment, how about some warm milk?”

    “Please, please, please open the door. Please, I’ll be good. Open the door and I’ll be quiet.”

    Nope. Lies. If you wanted to be good, you had 20 chances to do it, now your ass is in seclusion, that’s how it works.

    About 20 minutes after he was put in one of his school’s Quiet Rooms — a 5-foot-square space made of plywood and cinder block — 9-year-old Jace Gill wet his pants

    Oh for God’s sake! The rooms are professionally built, sound proof, padded, and monitored by the L.D. teacher the entire time! Jace needs to be institutionalized if he’s pissing, removing his clothes, shitting on the floor and wiping the walls with it.

    Don’t fall for this propaganda
    ⏺ Every time we discipline kids, there is some goofball out there making sure we don’t, and that’s why we have all this trouble.
    ⏺ Those kids are there because the parents made these monsters, the staff has to control them, which everyone seems to hate. They should get a friggin’ medal for saving the other normal children from them.
    ⏺ Teachers are supposed to put up with workplace harassment 8 hours a day with indifferent parents and administration, OF COURSE they are going to throw these terrorists into confinement as often as possible, no one else is willing to discipline them.
    ⏺ If you don’t want teachers to rid themselves of a daily nuisance, then have the lazy parents come pick up their brats and take them home every time they need discipline.

    Either bring back the wooden stick, paddle, and dunce caps, like the old school masters use to have, or settle for padded rooms.


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