Using Maricopa County’s numbers, it looks like as many as 500,000 votes were not counted – IOTW Report

Using Maricopa County’s numbers, it looks like as many as 500,000 votes were not counted

Emerald Robinson:

First of all, let me remind my fellow Americans: I told you this would happen.

I told you on November 7th that the corporate media was sowing the narrative that voting machines malfunctioning was totally normal, and that election results which take weeks to discover are totally fine.

I told you why voting machines “not working” in key counties was always the plan of the Washington uniparty to stop Trump-aligned politicians from taking over the GOP.

I explained why it was madness for so many conservative talk show hosts and “experts” to reassure GOP voters that candidates like Kari Lake and Blake Masters would ultimately win their elections while they were being cheated out of their victories.

Too many right-wing “influencers” in the media had no idea what was going on.

After all, I’ve spent the entire year hosting election integrity experts on my TV show — The Absolute Truth — and most of them agreed that nothing had been done about the stolen 2020 election. No meaningful reforms had been passed. No guilty parties had been prosecuted. No safeguards were in place.

In other words, the only reason to believe that America’s elections in 2022 would be better than 2020 was blind hope. MORE

12 Comments on Using Maricopa County’s numbers, it looks like as many as 500,000 votes were not counted

  1. Same thing with 2024.
    WE must harvest, cheat, steal, loot & burn the next election to the fucking ground.
    It’s the only way…

  2. LocoBlancoSaltine

    It’s going to have to be a grassroots effort because the uniparty, the political class, will in no way allow for elections to be determined by the counting of valid votes.

    The RNC is fine with the results and that tells us everything we need to know.

  3. May I direct your attention elsewhere for a moment or two

    I need to know something
    Because I could have sworn I heard all about it a week or 2 ago
    But I have not heard one word about it since

    Did We or Did We Not send a bigass rocket into Space to go Around the Moon?

    I remember back in the old days it took like three days to get to the Moon.

    Flying around the Back is a little farther I suppose.

    But why not even a picture? or a news report?
    Did I imagine it?

    Just watch, later now there will be some update about some rocket nobody seems to remember.

    Wanna Bet a Banana?

  4. Vote fraud is Treason.
    Until it is punishable by death, it will continue.
    Those who finance fraud, those who practice fraud, those who attempt to disguise fraud, and those who allow fraud must be excised – oh – the maggots in the media who propagandistically label those dedicated to eradicating fraud “election deniers” should be the first to go – they continuously refuse to DO THEIR JOBS and ferret out the fraudsters – implying that they support fraud.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Just thinking out loud, if the coup occupying the White House wanted to intentionally start a conflict between Trump supporters and the Federal Nazis, you couldn’t pick a better place than Maricopa County. Local Law Enforcement supports the Coup 100%. As does every elected official regardless of party. Mix that with plenty of pissed of Trump Supporters who were clearly robbed of the rights and things could get interesting. Let’s hope our side doesn’t underestimate the enemy if shit goes sideways.

  6. The lawsuits will work their way through the various courts until it hits the court of final decision. Trump appointee we win, otherwise we lose.

    Finding the “right” judge doesn’t seem to be a problem for the communists. When you know where the bodies are buried, it makes it much, much easier.

  7. How can they allow this to stand? it’s obvious that votes are missing or uncounted… why isn’t someone doing something? I’m curious to see the vote totals compared between 2020 and 2022.

  8. The Maricopa Voters Manual says that 550,000 voters must be disenfranchised before any action can be taken. Everything is “legal”.


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