USPS May Shut Down By June Without Emergency Action

OAN: The recently passed $2 trillion stimulus package doesn’t give them any money to continue operating, it only allows them to borrow $10 billion more from the Treasury Department. According to officials, this may be a temporary fix, but will also add to the nearly $200 million in debt the post office has.

Despite people sending and receiving more packages during quarantine, the amount of regular mail sent, which makes up more than 57 percent of annual revenue, is dropping daily. more

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  1. Of the stupid people in America who have jobs, most of them work at the post office. Some of the postal workers are very nice, work hard, and have brains, but there is a tier of postal workers who have to be experienced to be believed.
    And the dumbest of them have the worst attitudes (of course).

  2. We had an East Indian man who was the worse post office clerk ever. Finally after 6 months of people complaining about him, they got rid of him. He didn’t fit in anywhere, no English, slower than molasses, and rarely got your mail, you got other peoples mail. No doubt he got hired to fill a quota. I do everything on line. Deliver the mail once a week, 3/4 of it is junk mail.

  3. Up here in the Great White North, If it weren’t for the coupon books (which no one uses — we have a recycling bin in 5he mail room and it overflows with the junk mail) and the ads from real estate agents, we get one or two piece of mail a month except for Christmas card season.

    We don’t have Saturday delivery. Good Friday is a holiday here, as is Easter Monday — so we go four days without any mail service at all. Sometimes I wonder why they even bother.

  4. We used to call working for the Postal Service welfare for veterans. A lot of postal workers I knew who had service connected disabilities automatically went to the top of the hiring lists because of extra points for being disabled. I worked for the postal service for a while as a casual mail handler in the mid 80’s and took the test more than once and scored 100% and never was hired permanently. It also paid if you had any kind of connections that could help you to gat a job working for them. And after the mid 70’s and early 80’s when affirmative action kicked in fully a lot of white males weren’t hired because of quotas for minorities. Just like working for the state, a lot of the same rules applied there as well.

  5. Great Scott! Whom shall deliver the Sears and Roebuck catalog along with my Farmers Almanac!?!?!?!

  6. Don’t get me started. I used to work for the USPS as a ‘part-time’ rural carrier. When you have people making over $20/hr for part-time work and no accountability, you are asking for trouble. Not to mention the full timers. I have no sympathy. Ben Franklin could have never dreamed of this.

  7. LCD? Seriously? You want Bezos in charge of the mail? So much for Trump fund raising. Is Amazon not big enough and powerful enough for you?

  8. I’m glad that I renewed my Wash. drivers license for 6 years at the beginning of March before all this happened. The DMV promptly quit issuing new licenses and drivers tests etc. and is closed till further notice as soon as Jay Inslee shut down the entire state of Wash.

  9. Here is a suggestion to USPS to save money: Just put my weekly Value Pak coupons directly in the trash at the Post Office. You’re welcome.

  10. JUNE !!! How will Santa get all of our Christmas letters?
    OMG, the damn world is falling apart. Shoot me now.

  11. The people that want to give us “Medicare For All,” are the same ones that gave us the DMV and USPS.
    Hell no, let them down size and cut like the rest of us. We’re all trimming fat, suck it up.

  12. Sorry the USPS is only the tiny tip of a gigantic money pit, the US government. Maybe corvid-19 will bring about the cleaning of non-essential feeders. Congress comes to mind.

  13. I’ve been itching for the USPS be shut down ever since they fucked up and DESTROYED my mail the first time.

    First it was the special edition one direction poster for my sister (8 years ago), then it was the snow globe I bought my dad (7 years ago), then it was the 2 nendoroids I got from ebay (4 years ago), the other half of the hutch shelf I bought (never saw it. Never got a refund!!!)

    Not to mention the mass delay in delivery time, the 3 packages from japan that I never ever got (and i never got my money back), and the RUINED star trek model I bought my older brother this past Christmas.

    They never answer their phones, and they always give me the run around.

    Keep in mind that I’m a newly minted 27 year old woman. That’s a lot to fuck up since I turned 18.

  14. @Anonymous – it would take the subsidies out of government hands, and would open up the market to privatization. USPS is technically private anyway – except Congress is its board of directors and its sugar daddy.

  15. Most of my experiences with USPS employees in the building have been much less than commendable.

    A reasonable number of carriers seem pleasant, even if only for a very short moment.

  16. @BadBrad: I go to the AAA office and do my DMV for our cars. In and out. I’m dreading the license renewal. I’ll probably lose my mind at the DMV and they’ll revoke my license. 😣

  17. I’m not Kollege Edumacated but perhaps they need to revise their business model. This one seems to have problems.

  18. I Don’t like the Post Orrifice because their mailing restrictions are a pain in the Office. It’s easier to just ship UPS.

  19. @GoldenFoxx ~ recently had to renew my license in my home state Gulag. had to get one of those new National I.D.’s (REAL ID). made an appointment for 10:45, out by 11:15 … best experience I ever had at an MVA

    … funny, I can renew my State & County Master Electrician’s Licenses on-line every 2 years (the county master’s require ID pics) … no fuss, no muss

  20. I don’t understand the problem. Just charge $25 for a stamp, and things will work themselves out….

  21. @Goldenfoxx – I had to renew my CA license a year ago, also got the RealID. It was less than a month before my birthday/license expiration and their website said first appointment was about 6 weeks out – but their drive-in wait time was only about 30 minutes. I got there about 20 minutes before they opened on a weekday, got in line behind maybe 30 people. A DMV employee walked down the line to help people prepare, showed me on my phone how to do most of the necessary stuff on it. I was out the door just over an hour after they opened, including the RealID part. I was pleasantly surprised!

  22. Remove The Gubberment from the USPS. Release the mail delivery from the USPS being the sole deliverer, privitize and compete with FedEx and UPS.

  23. “Today, the Postal Service will deliver more than 450 million pieces of mail and 20 million packages to 159 million addresses,”

    If what we are being told about the coronavirus is true, that it can live on surfaces including paper and cardboard for some time, all of those pieces of mail and packages represent a delivery system for the virus to people quarantined to avoid exposure to it.

    Something is not right here, something is phony and something is going on. What, I don’t know, but I grow more suspicious by the day since the numbers we are being given flatly do not justify the actions being taken in response.

    There’s some kind of larger picture to see here, but I’m not sure how to see it yet.

  24. BAD BRAD
    You sound like a Cali. When the GOP left/progressives forced Goddy Knight to run for senate they gave the Gov’ship to the 1st Brown He instituted welfare on a “Big” scale. To pay for it (actually only a small part!), Pat had the DMV sell info on drivers to any one and everyone!

    This conservative is still mad at the liberal GOP “leaders” 62 years later!

  25. OK. I get the nostalgia for mail. I can even imagine a fresh, new empire wanting full coverage comms. With paper. Cuz that was the style. Back then. (Before we had onions. For our belts.)

    But we’ve got lectricity, now. And radio. We’ve had radio so long, there’s even olde timey radio, now. Just deregulate (the horror) whatever, and however much, spectrum is needed for citizen point to point, coast to coast. Sorry Alaska and Hawai’i. (Sorry I’m not sorry.)

    If people still want to send plague drenched bits of paper to each other… dick pix to Santa… maybe a (drastically) scaled back Post Office can survive. Or any of the other (global) carriers, that now exist, can take care of your nostalgia.

  26. Post Office terminally effed up because of government regulations. When two tour Viet Nam vet, with valuable degree, and years of exemplary evaluations, is routinely passed over for promotions in favor of illiterate black lesbian HS drop outs, the PO sealed its’ fate. Privatize.

  27. I had a guy and his wife come in. Nice people, but two of the dumbest people I have ever met. I remember thinking that to myself. Then I found out he worked for the post office.


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