USPS proposes stamp increase to 55 cents


WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service is seeking to increase the price of its first-class stamp by 5 cents to 55 cents to help stem its mounting red ink. If approved by regulators, the 10 percent increase to the cost of mailing a 1-ounce letter would be the biggest since 1991.

The price of each additional ounce would go down, from 21 cents to 15 cents.  more

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  1. When you stop and realize that you can write a letter, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and various people will drive, carry, and deliver that letter to someone hundreds or thousands of miles away within a couple of days, it is hard to complain about the cost. But I still will.

  2. It would have been smart to stock up on FOREVER’s in 2007 when they were 41-cents. 20-20 hindsight. 🙂

  3. Don’t have any problems with it but do have considerations.
    All government mailings should be done using the USPS. No 3rd party contractors such as fedex or ups for government mail or deliveries. No subsidized services for such as amazon. amazon will eventually try to replace the USPS, and they should not be helping that to happen. Also, any ‘bulk’ mail that has any personalized content, other than address, should no longer be considered eligible for discounted rates.
    We regularly use the ‘breast cancer’ stamps, which are more expensive than first class, and while stamps have gotten more expensive, what they enable is pretty remarkable.

  4. My Forever book of stamps tends to last, well, forever. Most of the stuff I have to mail I need to send overnight, and the vast majority of my incoming and outgoing mail is electronic. Regular bills are received electronically, and I pay virtually everything on line. Our business uses the mail system fairly frequently, but much less than even five years ago.

    So yes, I’m part of the problem because I don’t use the USPS as much as I used to. I’ll willingly pay $.55 per stamp because I do use the mails on occasion, and I think the USPS should remain viable. But I’m paying less annually for postage than I was when stamps were $.31 each.

  5. I hear they’re going to be coming out with a new commemorative stamp honoring prostitution.

    It costs seventy-five cents, but if you want to lick it, it’s a dollar.

  6. Post Office should do like they do with Passports – have a fee (like 0.50 per ounce of First Class Mail) and then demand a surcharge if the sender wants it done promptly. You’re already paying the lazy assholes to sleep most days, so why not pay em a little more to sleep most days? Typical gov’t/union bullshit. And doubly fucked up when it’s both gov’t AND union!

    Slugs probably whine when they’re woke to eat lunch.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. So,cramazon gets a bulk-rate discount & postal employees get overtime pay on Sunday to deliver it, & we get the privilege to pay for it

  8. and from sea to shining sea, with all points in between, there doesn’t seem to be a single mail person who knows how to close a mailbox

    some of us still get mail delivered to our homes & don’t have to hoof it down the street & around the corner to get our mail … yet

  9. Once again I ask, would the earth stop rotating on its axis if Saturday delivery were to cease? Maybe half day postal office opening makes sense, but delivery? Who cares? That’s an unnecessary expense.

  10. I live in a one stop light town.

    Our Post Office had two drop boxes….local and out-of-town.

    I could mail a letter to my neighbor today and they’d have it tomorrow. Well, not any more.

    Now all mail from here goes to Wichita (240 miles away) for sorting. And then it’s trucked back here for delivery. Nearly 500 miles round trip.

    So the said letter to my neighbor now takes 4 or 5 days to deliver.

    I wonder who the rocket surgeon was that dreamed that up?

  11. Hey, someone has to pay for all those patronage jobs, lavish pensions and union dues.
    Fork it over taxpayers and support antiquated, costly, wasteful, federal bureaucracies.

  12. Remember, every piece of mail that goes through the post office is scanned. They have a record of everything you mailed.

  13. I am OLD. When I was an undergrad the post card was $0.01, ground mail was $0.03 and air mail was $0.07. We used to say “Penny Postcard” for a very good reason!

    And 2,4 +8, bit pieces were solid silver!

  14. I heard they lost a lot of money when they discontinued the Obama stamp – they wouldn’t stick very well.
    Seems people were spitting on the front instead of licking the back.

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