UT urged to remove statue of Woodrow Wilson

woodrow wilson


A panel at the University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin) has issued a report recommending that the school remove its statues honoring President Woodrow Wilson and several Confederate leaders, or else add plaques designed to explain “historical context.”

UT-Austin’s Main Mall is the university’s primary open space, and serves as the location for graduations and other major events. Seven statues occupy the area, and six of them were commissioned by Confederate veteran George Littlefield, one of the university’s most important early benefactors. Those honored with statues include four major Confederate figures: President Jefferson Davis, generals Robert E. Lee and Albert Sidney Johnston, and cabinet member John Reagan. Woodrow Wilson and Texas Gov. James Stephen Hogg are also memorialized by statues.


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  1. Remove History?? Sounds like a progtard move.
    But putting up the plaques is a great idea. Especially since most of those lofos never studied American History!
    Hopefully they can read them!

  2. I kind of like the idea of adding “historical context” plaques, but only if I get to write them. Heh-heh-heh.

    Wilson, in particular, really ought to be called out for campaigning to keep the U.S. out of that European war, then when elected beating the war drum to send “our boys” “over there.” And don’t get me started on the huge growth in govt regulatory, economic and social power that happened on his watch, using the old favorite excuse, “But we’re at WAR!”

  3. Replace them all with larger than life statues of Obama. No historical context is required since we’re living it. Context is the hangup here, really? Riiiight…

  4. WTF is “neo-Confederate Southern nationalist approach.”?

    Sounds like something a cultural anthropologist would come up with. Scrambled and made up words strung together to make them feel smart and justify their worthless $150K degree.

  5. LARGE plaques, with LARGE type, especially explaining about WW the original ProgTard that introduced “Liberalism” to the USA.

  6. yep two of them dared to own slaves…. Teddy lead a charge that killed Latinos. And I am pretty sure someone will find something about Lincoln to object to. And remember that mountain ( and every other mountain ) was sacred to some Native American tribe. so to be PC we will have to restore it to pre-white man status.
    The lunacy never ends.

  7. There is a an idiot from Tacoma, Wa. who wants to have Woodrow Wilson’s name removed from a local elementary school here in Spokane because he doesn’t like Wilson’s progressive policies. Aren’t there any Wilson elementary schools in Tacoma to pick on? And for the record I went to Wilson elementary school in 1959 when I was in 1st grade. The school has been there for well over 80-90 years and is one of the oldest elementary schools in Spokane. Pissants of either party are never satisfied when they don’t like something which offends their worldview. leave the name alone and besides I’d be willing to bet that that most people just know it as Wilson elementary school and wouldn’t know who Woodrow Wilson was. Do they want to do the same thing at Roosevelt Elementary school as well? Or change the name at Sacajawea Middle school (it was junior high when I went there in the mid 60’s) because it might offend Indians/native Americans. And what about the Ferris Saxons where I went to high school from 67-71. F**k political correctness, just leave us the hell alone please. There also the Shadle Park Highlanders, the North Central Indians. the Roger’s Pirates and others like the NW Christian Crusaders. You can’t change all these names. My personal favorites are the Davenport Gorillas, the Richland Bombers (their logo is a mushroom cloud) and the Orofino, Id. maniacs because their HS is next door to the state mental institution. Their logo is a spaz in profile having a seizure, I love it just of it’s in your face brazenness. And they love it too in Orofino.

  8. And one other thing, I went to Irving Elementary school in 2nd and 3rd grade in the early 60’s. I don’t know who Irving was nor do I care. But some pissant I’m sure would be offended because they might think it offensive to Jews or nerds. But luckily for them since it was one of the original elementary schools in Spokane and built in the early 1900’s they tore it down in the mid 60’s. And horror of horrors both Wilson and Irving had boys and girls sides of the playgrounds, anyone remember that.

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