Utah congressional candidate knits his newborn baby a pink ‘p*ssy’ hat – IOTW Report

Utah congressional candidate knits his newborn baby a pink ‘p*ssy’ hat

Did I mention he’s a Dem? Because, he’s a Dem.

American Mirror: Tom Taylor, the Democrat challenging Republican Rep. Mia Love for Utah’s 4th congressional district, wants his newborn daughter Colette to know he’s a fighter for the “resistance,” so he made a memento to show he’s committed to the cause.

Tom Taylor for Congress posted a picture on Twitter of the congressional hopeful cradling his young daughter as they both don the left’s infamous “pussy hats,” the ridiculous pink head warmers that debuted at last year’s Women’s March.

He also wrote Colette a little note commemorating her birth, which apparently coincided with this year’s Women’s March.  Go see- it’s cringe-worthy.


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  1. Ben McAdams, former Mayor of Salt Lake County, is the only serious Democrat contender against Love.

    I think the strategy here is to have a few total loons run in order to make McAdams look more palatable. The danger is that the Democrat base here in Salt Lake County and in Utah County are a bunch of loons, so McAdams might not survive the nomination process. I really hope that is what happens. Serves him right.

    It is possible that McAdams might decide to run for Hatch’s seat. A long shot, but even a slim chance is still a chance. It is also possible that Hatch could change his mind and run for another term. Deadline for filing is March 15, then the real fun begins.

  2. Has anyone been dispatched to collect his man card?

    (I do think it is wonderful that a father is devoted to his children.)

  3. Just the fact that this tub of lard knows how to knit tells it all.
    He won’t go near a wrench, especially after he’s had his nails done.

  4. ?SNIP? Raised a Roman Catholic, Love joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after graduating from college in 1998. While working as a flight attendant, she moved to Utah as part of her work. She also wanted to be closer to a Mormon temple and to learn more about her faith. There she got to know Jason Love, whom she had met previously when he was an LDS missionary in Connecticut.
    The two were married in December 1998, four months after their first date.

  5. DOUBLE SNIP – On October 8, 2016, Love issued a statement that she would not vote for Republican candidate Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election and urged him to withdraw from the race for the good of the party and the country.

  6. Hans the Christian who loves Trump and America but didn't make his daughter wear a MAGA hat


  7. I f you’re a man that knits you’d better be a surgeon. Or turn in your man card.

  8. ”It’s that Christ-like compassion that draws me towards being a progressive. … I’m a progressive… because I’m a Mormon.”

    How did that second “m” get in that last word?

  9. I’m Tom Taylor and I wear my pussy on my heart. It doesn’t matter if you’re red or brown, black or white, Republican or Democrat – I’ll tell you the dame thing I tell all the little boys in my youth group. “We are all pink on the inside.”

  10. Welcome to our world, Colette! Sorry about your dad. He is a misguided man. But just a word or two: you were born in the greatest nation on earth where all citizens (and no less girls and women) have all protections and liberties that will be crucial for you to be able to achieve whatever you want to be. And you need not fear FGM, or acid thrown in your face because you are going to school. You’re an American. You will be able to drive a car, divorce your husband because he snores and maybe get half his property and your kids in the process!! And you can attend college where the majority of students are young women! Why? Because youre an American, and good solid clear thinking women know they have it great in this country.They do not need a pink pussy hat to moan and bitch about how their candidate lost a slam dunk election. Want to look for a better life, always look inward. Seeking government assistance at every turn gives you such dismal places like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Somalia, Haiti, Mexico, etc. Enjoy your life…it goes by pretty fast.

  11. After all it was the Angel Moroni who inspired Joseph Smith in a vision on a hill in Upstate New York to believe in what became know as Mormonism. I like Mormons personally but I sure as hell think they’re totally deluded and worshipping a false god.

  12. Did his child already indicate gender? Wow, he just assumed that the baby was a girl. What about letting the child decide gender?

  13. How dare he assume the gender of this newborn? Will he also not name “it” until it can speak and come up with a name as well as a gender?

    How is this guy much different from the couple in California with the 13 kids who’s lives they messed up?

    He needs to be neutered.

  14. His father must be real proud of the candyass son he raised.

  15. Up here in Canada we call em ” beavers ” so that would be beaver pelts on their heads

  16. from the fags letter – “…when millions declared they will stand up against a president that openly brags about assaulting women”

    Since when did a private conversation become “openly brags”?

  17. Something I’ve noticed:

    These “pussy hats” look like they were designed to cover horns – like in the Devil type horns. Isn’t this kind of ironic since everything these horns represent derives from evil.

    Just saying.

  18. It’s time for those that supported his candidacy to reclaim what’s left of their family’s honor. Japanese style. Canadian style if they think (themselves) better of it.

  19. I’m gonna put on my political prognostication hat… Which is in no way like the one Taylor supposedly knitted for himself and his prop **cough** I mean, daughter…

    He will be busted for adultery and/or sexual abuse. His wife will, with counseling, of course, forgive him and stand by him. Meanwhile, he will apologize for the cameras, but not resign.

    Sound about right?

  20. The guy’s an idiot to do that in a state that went solidly for Trump.

  21. “Go see–it’s cringe-worthy”… No thanks, I’ve exceeded my limit for cringing the last 9 years or so.

  22. No way he’s the father. He couldn’t fertilize a Kleenex.

  23. The scene was completely staged. So he shows he is willing to exploit his child for political purposes. He is just as phony as Bill Clinton with the Normandy Cross.

  24. “Pink Pussy?”
    “Pink Pussy Hat?”

    Does all this only sound vulgar (and insulting to wymyn) to me?

    Just the idea of a guy knitting his pre-pubescent daughter a “Pink Pussy” hat kinda reeks of Woody Allen, doesn’t it?

    I have no daughters, but I don’t think guys (especially fathers) should be thinking of their daughters in terms of their “Pink Pussies.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  25. Ron White has a theory to control population control, make a drug that tastes like Chocolate. Blacks and Mexicans would stop making welfare babies.

  26. Ron White has a theory to control population control, make a drug that makes semen tastes like Chocolate. Blacks and Mexicans would stop making welfare babies.

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