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Utah declares pornography a public health hazard

AgendaEurope: The US state of Utah has become the first jurisdiction world-wide to declare pornography a public health hazard.

The bill, signed by Republican Governor Gary Herbert, does not prohibit pornography but calls for greater“efforts to prevent pornography exposure and addiction”.

It recognises that porn “perpetuates a sexually toxic environment”, and “is contributing to the hypersexualisation of teens, and even prepubescent children, in our society”.

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10 Comments on Utah declares pornography a public health hazard

  1. Interesting that this comes from a place heavy with Mormons, who until Utah’s statehood were big bigamy believers. Not that bigamy has anything to do with sex obsession – no, no, no, Heaven forbid.

  2. But you know, if the state decides on that, then that’s the way it will be, unless you change it or move.
    Sometimes states rights are touch to deal with, but it is one of the things that makes America great.

  3. OKAY, TOUGH to deal with, not touch. . . . sheesh.

    And while I don’t agree with many of the tenets of Mormonism, I support the right of anyone to worship as they wish as long as they don’t want to kill me. Or Glenn Beck.

  4. I just can’t make myself clear today . . . I’ll blame the Glenlivet.
    I don’t support Glenn Beck, because he’s a nut. Nothing worse in a religion than a wacko convert.

  5. Public Health Hazard?

    A little messy maybe, but “health hazard”??

    Glad they’ve got all the crime under control in that state, so they can go after the serious stuff…

  6. Pornography IS a health hazard.
    A MENTAL health hazard.

    A guy at work watched a porn film and decided to tie his wife to the bed and sodomize her. Not too pleased with the course of events, she (some days later) tied HIM to the bed and … well, he wouldn’t say … and then she threw all his clothes out on the lawn and divorced him.

    True story.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Good. I’m tried of dirty rotten perverts screeching, ‘freedom of expression!!!’ anytime someone says that porn is horrible for you. Find a real person who is willing or forget it kiddos. Good job, Utah, you hypocritical pervs. Gotta start somewhere.

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