Utah Man Facing Charges After Pulling Gun On Trump Supporters

Drunk and Democrat is no way to live.

An Independence Day incident in rural Utah led to the loss of freedom for a 40-year old man arrested on a litany of charges after pulling a gun on a group of Trump supporters and firing several rounds. Police in Millard County were called out to Fillmore Canyon Saturday afternoon on reports of shots fired. When they arrived, they found the suspect had already fled the scene, but there were plenty of witnesses on hand to describe to officers exactly what happened.

14 Comments on Utah Man Facing Charges After Pulling Gun On Trump Supporters

  1. There are MoFo’s that can put 16 rounds of 9 mil in his car window in about 5 seconds. To bad one of those peeps weren’t in the crowd.

  2. Uncle Al

    It’s all in the grip. And it seems to evolve weekly. If you’re interested I can let you know where I’m at with the Kung Fu pistol grip.

  3. I have a CZ Scorpion EVO w/ retractable arm brace and 20 round, 2 double stack magazines. Give me five extra seconds handicap.

  4. Those Utah citizens weren’t carrying on Saturday.
    Bet’cha they were all carrying on Sunday.

  5. “Do you have a Kung Flu pistol grip, Bad_Brad?”

    I’m working on it. It’s a pretty cool deal. After you’ve gripped the gun squeeze the heals of your palms together so they meet. You almost need to over grip the gun. You’re torquing your hand opposite direction like you’re trying to loosen or tighten the lid on a jar. It’s like a hose clamp. You can squeeze the shit out of your pistol grip. Now quit moving your damn trigger finger so far and work on finding the wall.


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