Utah: Trans-woman leaps into U.S. Senate race

MercuryNews: Transgender Utah woman Misty K. Snow leaps into U.S. Senate race, worrying her mother.

tranny runs for utah senate

Frustration led Misty K. Snow to consider her first political campaign. It wasn’t targeted toward incumbent Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah – she had written him off long before – but at his only announced Democratic challenger, Jonathan Swinton.

 In a Salt Lake Tribune op-ed in September, Swinton described himself as “a conservative Democrat” and said Congress was right to investigate Planned Parenthood, but shouldn’t shut down the government over the issue.

Snow, 30, thought Utah Democrats deserved a more liberal candidate and, as the months went on and no one else emerged, she began to think “Why not me?”  more

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  1. I think if you aren’t committed enough to have the snip, you should not dress up like you have.
    It takes balls to have them cut off.
    Pretenders like this noob are appropriating real trans-sexual ways.
    Go back to the boys room
    And cry.
    Come back out when you mean business

  2. It always bothers me how these impersonators think of how they should dress like a woman to pass as “real.” They always end up looking like clowns wearing costumes.

    It’s always over-the-top: too much makeup, flowers in the hair, garish jewelry, super high heels, super slutty and tight clothes. Real women (especially mothers of elementary kids) wear hardly any makeup, hair in a ponytail, don workout clothes even going to church, and wear flip flops in 24-degree weather.

    And yet, we should help these freaks believe they are really women and we should not be at all concerned, or intimidated, about them pissing – with their dicks – in the stalls next to our daughters.

  3. OMG!… Homosexuals and men who think they’re women are just the most important people in the whole wide world!!!… Let’s reorganize our entire society around their lifestyles!!!

  4. I think, therefore I am. Fuckit! I just made that up. Whatta youse guys think?
    Hell that sounds as good as the Dali Lama. “To do nothing is to do something.”

    “I think, therefore I am.” Today I’m a girl. FFS! Moe Tom

  5. I love how these female impersonators give themselves stripper names – Misty K. Snow. The flower in the hair is a nice touch too.

  6. Democracy in action, ladies and gents! Step right up! Anybody and everybody has a right to make a public fool of themselves.

    Really?! You want to be a US Senator, with no more experience than being a grocery store clerk and stock. . . . uhhh. . . .person? And you still live with mommy? And you’re a new-“born” tranny? In conservative Utah?
    Strike one! Two! Three! Yer out!

    Seriously. . . There was another man running for a local state seat in the recent Republican caucus, with just as little experience, and just as much passion (but he really was a he, not a tranny – so he had that much going for himself). We did NOT select him to run for the local state seat.

    Even if you DID win against Swinton in the DemonRat primary, I can guar-an-damn-tee that you ain’t going to win again Lee (a good up and coming coming conservative Constatutionalist in the Cruz mold) in the general election.

  7. If elected, heshe will be joining the congressional club of perversion, cheating, self-serving, a..holes, already sucking the life out of America. Heshe won’t even be noticed.

  8. 1.) Which bathroom do you demand to use?
    2.) What do you consider your greatest achievements?
    3.) How much does Trump suck?

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