UW faculty member secretly records, doxxes and mocks Conservative students on Twitter

College Fix: A trio of conservative students at the University of Washington recently got together for lunch on campus — and unbeknownst to them their conversation was recorded, a photo of their faces was published on Twitter, and their politics mocked — cyberbullying done by a faculty member at the school.

University of Washington Teaching Assistant Rebecca Ferber openly admitted in recent tweets she recorded the young men so she could get “useful information.” Teaching assistants are grad students provided the opportunity to gain teaching experience under the mentorship of professors.

The incident took place Oct. 4 while UW freshmen Zach Wildfang and Cameron Edwards and UW College Republicans President Chevy Swanson met on campus for lunch. During their hour-long meeting, they discussed plans to form a new campus group, “Students for Self Defense,” as well as talked about having a “Beers for Brett” celebration at a local restaurant, they told Jason Rantz of KTTH radio, who first reported the story.

Screenshot of Ferber’s tweets obtained by Rantz show that she posted a Twitter poll saying she was sitting next to a couple of “white male students organizing a ‘Beers for Brett’ event,” then asked what she should throw at them, her “water bottle,” her “entire backpack,” or her “insides.” Her “insides” won with 60 percent of the vote. more

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  1. The UW won’t comment on the TA due to privacy concerns?
    More like they won’t comment due to agreement and hilarious laughter at her behavior. They probably bought her lunch at Shultzy’s.

  2. So she’s racist and sexist. I’m sure UW will fire her right away for her gender and race-based hostility. Right?

  3. A TA sucking up to the tenured in order to show she’s one of them. Four years and thousands in student loans and all she got was a stupid T shirt.

  4. Considering the major downsizing of ‘education’ that is coming,
    thanks go to these clown colleges for indicating where the serious dismantling needs to start.

  5. If I were those students, I would sue Ms. Furburger and the school for however much a degree at this second rate diploma mill costs.

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