VA County Sends Signal: Won’t Enforce Democrat Governor’s Gun Control

Breitbart: While Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is preparing a war on guns when the Democrat majority takes its seat in the legislature, Appomattox County is making clear it does not intend to play along.

On November 18, 13News reported that Appomattox County’s Board of Supervisors passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution, making clear the board will oppose efforts to “unconstitutionally restrict gun rights.” more

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  1. No surrender at Appomattox this time.

    @geeknerd: We didn’t do this to ourselves. Northern Virginia and Charlottesville did this to us.

  2. Geeknerd,
    Every state in this country has been a victim of voter fraud! How do you think a man with a Muslim name, trashing America got into office after 9/11? That my friend was due to voter fraud against the United States. This started decades ago. Why do you think liberals want illegal aliens flooding our country? The votes have been manipulated by powers inside and outside of the country.
    We, as Americans did not do this to ourselves.
    The voter fraud issue will be addressed before the next election. I’m sure it will be as fun as the impeachment clown show we are watching now. Meanwhile, research the voting machines and the connection to George Soros and Mitt Romney.

  3. @geeknerd. Technically VA only elected the General Assembly a few weeks ago. Governor KKK/blackface was not on the ballot. Millions of liberal dollars, along with thousands of refugees fleeing failed states, have streamed into the commonwealth of Virginia. The democrat commies from DC Deep state, along with their refugee commie fellow travelers done fucked us.

    Btw. My county is still 75% Republican. And we turned out.

  4. Appomattox County is in the very HEART of Va, as in THE center.

    This will lead eventually to a North Virginia and a South Virginia.

    While in neighboring North Carolina, soon to be East Carolina and West Carolina:

    This is how ‘it’ will happen, the future balkanization of the States, only given what we can see, hear and read for ourselves. And I say that having grown up in a city in the North.

    I didn’t like writing that so…no up votes.

  5. Meant to add the Southern states won’t be the only victim of future balkanization, there will be at this rate:

    Central, West and South New York(s).
    East and West Oregon.
    East and West Washington.
    East and West Colorado.
    Northern and Southern Florida…

    And so on…

    Not sure how long it’s gonna take, but it’s gonna happen.

    Either dig in OR buckle up, things will be HOT in 2024…and thereafter.

  6. These slimy little shitweasel democRAT politicians should be arrested as soon as the pull that shit in violation of taking an oath to uphold the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES! Under the laws of a state it may be considered treason or a high crime to betray a sworn oath of office.

  7. Won’t be any such thing as an East and West CO divided along political lines. Fact is the state is pretty much red except for the I-25 corridor which runs down the middle of the state, north to south. Which coincadidtilly is where the big cities are.

    Denver and Boulder Counties run the state. Denver, run by yet another black doofus and with outspoken commies on the City Council, is well on it’s way to becoming Rocky Mountain San Fran. Boulder has strict “green belt” laws forbidding development which might dilute the nuttiness level.

    Glad I left.

  8. FIRE all police officers that stupidly try to enforce “laws” that take our constitutional rights away.

    No one to enforce it, the law is invalid.

    Simple as that.


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