VA Delegate Wants To Save Bugs, Not Babies

The Daily Caller

The Democratic Virginia delegate who has recently come under fire for sponsoring a bill in the Virginia House of Delegates that would allow the termination of a pregnancy up to 40 weeks old, is also the chief patron of a bill that would protect the lives of “fall cankerworms” during certain months. More

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  1. We’ve had problems with gypsy moths here in Michigan. They are a destructive invasive species. Seeing as how Miss Tran identifies as a democrat she probably views the unborn the same way.

  2. Late stage caterpillars good, late stage humans not so much.
    Got it.
    So their long term plan is apparently to have nothing left but a constituent population of “refugees” subsisting on bugs. Brilliant.

  3. But, but what about the female cankerworms who are forced into birthing unwanted baby cankerworms? What about that? Why doesn’t this bill protect their rights to abort their offspring, regardless of age? What about the overpopulation and all the starving cankerworms who can’t get enough of whatever it is that cankerworms eat! What about the cankerworms who live lives of abuse because they couldn’t be aborted? What about the disabled cankerworms who live in pain all their lives and drain the resources of taxpayer money? What about the cankerworm families separated by the wall? What about the female cankerworms who can’t afford contraceptives or abortions? What about the teen cankerworm who can’t fit into her prom dress? What about the back alley coat hanger cankerworm abortions? What about the myriad of straw man arguments every pro-abort hack tosses into a comment because they are paid to present the losing Planned Parenthood side on conservative websites? Did I leave out one? I’m sorry, but this bill does not go far enough. It does not protect the reproductive health of cankerworms, and you Christians are so, sooooo sad because you force your morals on cankerworms. And I am not a paid troll for Planned Cankerworm Parenthood. *smile*

  4. I’ll never understand how anyone have such disregard for a human life. Debate all you want, but a full term baby minutes from being born is a person. Period. I really don’t have any words to even try to explain these despicable people.

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