VA Legislators Pass New Gun Control Day After 2A Rally

Dan Bongino:

[…] Rather than admit they were mistaken, Northam cited the peacefulness of yesterday’s protests as proof that his unspecified de-escalation measures worked. He also said he would continue to “listen to the voices or Virginians” in a widely ridiculed tweet.

Northam didn’t listen – he won’t be listening – and his fellow Democrats proved that today.

As WTVR reported: [On Tuesday] the Democratic-led Senate gave preliminary approval to approved the so-called “red flag” law. SB 240 would create a process for attorneys and law enforcement to file emergency orders prohibiting a person from purchasing, possessing or transferring a firearm if they pose “a substantial risk of injury to himself or others.”

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15 Comments on VA Legislators Pass New Gun Control Day After 2A Rally

  1. Thanks to bed-sheet Northam and his bunch, West Virginia (prior Virginians) may be looking forward to gaining more Virginia neighbors from its east border, and (possibly) from western MD to its north.

    Thanks, Clench!

  2. Hey y’all Up North in Virginia! Y’all might have Governor Blackface to deal with but down here in Louisiana we’re stuck with Governor Ackbar!


  3. Why does the state feel it has an interest in preventing suicide by firearm? These are the same progs that want to permit euthanasia, that believe babies should be killed after birth (as long as they are kept warm and comfortable), but suicide is taboo?

  4. …why would anyone be surprised? This enormous group of heavily armed citizens DIDN’T drag him out and hang him.

    …this only proved to him he has NOTHING to fear from US, as it does no good to HAVE a gun if they’ve made you afraid to USE it…

    ….I suppose Washington could have crossed the Deleware, had his guys march around Hessian headquarters proudly holding their muskets, and went home without firing a shot.

    …but we’d still be subjects of the King to this day, if that’s ALL he had done…

  5. The 1st calls that should be made when the “red flag” law goes into effect should be from concerned citizens about the legislators that enacted that law. Ya know, because they are endangering the public with their reckless actions..

  6. The democrats can feel their socialist ground work slipping away.
    They have been selling America to so many other countries, to line their own pockets.
    Trump has been hard on their income, canceling their deals.
    Anywhere they have a majority, they’re going to push their agendas, as fast as possible.

  7. Governor Jolson was hoping to be standing on a pile of bullet-riddled bodies when this bill passed, but it was always a fait accompli. It’s all about maximizing gains, digging in for the election and fraudulently thwarting the will of voters.

    And notice how there’s no Federal Judge stepping in to block the law.

  8. Maybe the armed citizens of a neighboring State can conquer and annex a future disarmed Virginia, remove it’s illegitimate government, thus freeing their fellow Americans.

  9. Stay mad Virginians and keep the pitchforks and torches handy. You’re going to need them. Along with a huge supply of tar and feathers.

  10. Soonah aw latuh, Guhvnuh Nawthum’s gonna learn that you cain’t keep pokin’ a bar with a sharp stick without payin’…

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