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  1. Of course, idiot boy priest will question the validity of this data.
    He only listens to what the tee vee tells him, then acts accordingly.


  2. Groucho Marxist will not answer the question I have posed 3 times.
    This shows, emphatically, that he is just being emotional, and not rational.

  3. My brother survived the Miller-Fisher variant of Guillain-Barre Syndrome about sixteen years ago. He has suffered debilitating headaches ever since. This year he changed doctors. Dr. Doodoolittle convinced brother dearest to “get the shot.”

    Bear in mind that said Dearest is in the cohort of people with hyperactive immune systems whom the rest of us try to protect with herd immunity. Dearest is NEVER supposed to be in the same building with vaccines, much less be vacccinated.

    Things did NOT go well. Now Dearest falls down a lot. No, Dearest’s scores of episodes of loss of sensation of his arms and legs have NOT be reported to VAERS.

    A link to a good video about RONA vaccines with links to a couple of good books cited in said video:

    A link to Marooned’s question about abreviating the vaccine approval process:

  4. BFH
    SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 AT 12:55 PM
    “[G M] will not answer the question I have posed 3 times.”

    My understanding is that he has a child involved in COVID care who is becoming quite distraught by the things she deals with on a daily basis, and his take is that she would see much less sickness and death were everyone vaccinated.

    Without speaking to the accuracy of that statement, I have said many times here and will say again that I can DEFINITELY emphasize with that. After I ran the streets in the Little Red Truck for a decade, some of the shit I had to deal with and kept seeing that was TOTALLY preventable and sometimes just evil that NO ONE COULD SEEM TO STOP was UNQUESTIONABLY killing my happiness, so I wasn’t really too unhappy when a job came along that gave me an excuse to leave without seeming to be too “pussy” to hack it, as I was pretty much burnt out on tragedy and abuse at that point.

    So I can understand her getting fried on tragedy too. She’s human. I’m human. It gets TO you unless you’re an emotionless psychopath like a Fauci.

    I can even understand Dad trying to protect her by wanting to get what he perceives as “fools” to do something to burden her less. It’s a futile quest, as believe me there are PLENTY of people in hospitals because they were stupid…any doctor or nurse can tell you about emphysema patients who smoke, cirrhosis patients who drink, drug addicts who jab their own necks because they’ve blowm out every OTHER vein, and that’s WITHOUT getting into the pathologically stupid who hurt themselves or others…and there’s lots of OTHER respiratory disases for her to be socked with – wait ’till the Muslim MERS and Hatian tuberculosis shows up, among others – so even if Coof magically went away, stupid will NOT and they’ll just load her up with the NEXT popular tragedy.

    That’s why I keep saying in all seriousness and with empathy that the best thing for HER would be to take a long step BACK, get OUT of the ICU/CCU and go work in a doctor’s office, an orthopedics practice,something less tragic, maybe even medical coding or something without patient contact, or even an entirely different industry as I have done.

    God bless her for trying to tough it out and help people, but it’s no sin to be overwhelmed and no sign of weakness to be burnt out on tragedy. It happens. You’re human. For her OWN sake, were she MY child, I would try to get her into something ELSE, before it destroys her AND those who love her.

    I can understand the impulse, but not the method.

    Attacking people solves nothing, and may push them AWAY from your goal.

    And it’s sad, I really liked G when he was talking about literally ANYTHING else.

    I avoid certain topics becauae I get too involved, too upset, go after people in a forum that doesn’t lend itself to the shadings of language, and may cause me to say things I could regret. I just stay OFF them, because no good can come of it.

    That’s the best advice I could give him. Just let people be fools if they want and that’s how you see them. Lets go over here and talk about voting rights instead.

    I am no counselor so I cannot reach people.

    But I know a Wonderful Counselor who CAN.

    I pray HE can help them both with their very human concerns and grant them both peace.

    May God bless them,

  5. I spoke of a memorial the other day, I wasn’t able to go because yesterday was a tired day for my husband during his cancer treatment.
    So I got the run down today. One man, a person much like GM made it about himself when he spoke. How he got the shot and he got covid and was really sick and now a good man is dead from covid. So everyone needed to do what was right and get their shots to protect everyone.

    Do these people not understand how insane they sound? You got the shot, you got sick with covid. This man got the shot and died from covid, but all of you should get the shot so we can all be protected. Why it didn’t protect either of you?
    This man the shot likely lead to his death and if it didn’t then it’s likely the hospital murdered him by immediately putting on a ventilator and giving him a kidney killing drug.
    Even if it wasn’t the shot, he still fit the criteria of those who usually do die, overweight, diabetes, heart condition and kidney issues. He was a really nice guy and I hate like hell that he’s gone. I also find it very ironic though even with all of his health problems he went for over a year being around hundreds of people every weekend with no mask and never got sick until the shots.
    Another man spoke and made more sense and honored the man more, because this man was against the shots, against the masks, against all the hysteria and only gave in because his job was going to fire him. He said covid was a serious disease, but everyone should do what was best for themselves, his doctor told him to not get the shots and that’s what best for him. For others maybe your circumstance is different, but this memorial should be about this man’s life not his death.
    Another guy who didn’t speak, but was telling others how he had gotten his booster and didn’t know why everyone was so against it outside of being sick for a few weeks after his 3rd around he was still alive.
    It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t there, because I would have told him good for you that you were lucky, but what about all the thousands who weren’t lucky and now are dead or permanently injured, do their lives not matter? So if we don’t want to risk it, why should we be forced to?
    During though this conservation another man asked a common sense question that the shot pushers couldn’t answer, why is every person any of us in this group right knows that has been really sick, in the hospital or dead has either gotten the shot or lived with someone who got the shot? I’m 30 years old and yet I’m listening to some of you who are way older than me that taught those of us younger to think for ourselves and use common sense, when did you stop thinking and stop using common sense?

    So thanks to those who are either scared about what they put into their bodies and want everyone to follow them to make them feel better or are just idiot libtards, you can’t even have a memorial without people wanting to disrupt it with covid bullshit.

  6. He still hasn’t answered how me not taking a shot endangers him.
    And his attitude does not seem empathetic, or caring for the poor people who just don’t see the light about taking the therapeutic.
    Should I care about his daughter, like he cares about me?
    Does he want me to do that?

    Hey! Your daughter is an asshole!!!!!

    How does that sound to you?

    Not good?
    Well, maybe now you understand how we feel.

  7. How does anyone know who actually got the “real” jab and who got the placebo? For some reason I don’t trust them.

  8. I don’t have much sympathy for him because his daughter is alive, my family members and friends are dead and his smartass reply to that was only stupid racist people die from the shot.

    So he’s an asshole.

  9. Oh, c’mon – the “daughter” is a red herring.
    He may not even have a daughter – I don’t have one, so there’s no reason HE should.
    It’s insanity. He’s lost sight of the objective so he redoubles his efforts.

    I get the impression that he doesn’t really take much comfort from the likes of Big Pharma (and their juridical immunity), Big Media (and their accompanying prevarications and hypocrisies), Big Government (and their history of heavy-handing everything that requires a light touch as well as their “over-reaching” (“violating” would be a better word) the Constitution), and the continuing (proven) lies of Tony Fauci.

    Not the best company with which to stake your life.

    So he lashes out in pain and anger at having been suckered into the Hoax.
    You know, the anthropologist who bought into the Piltdown Man Hoax, even after the fraudsters admitted their guilt, bitterly clung to his position and insisted that Piltdown Man was real unto to his dying day.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Deplorable I think those with no reactions are highly likely to have gotten the placebo or far less ingredients in the dose.
    That’s what people still don’t get this is a trial, the largest ever done and just like a blind trial you sign up for, and you signed up if you’re taking the shots whether you realize it or not, you don’t know who is getting the placebo, who is getting a smaller dose and who is getting a greater dose.

  11. Speaking of blaming those who haven’t been jabbed for you getting jabbed and dying from “covid”.
    I got the measles vaccine when I was a kid, don’t know what age or how many you even got back then, just know on my 8th birthday I was sick as crap with the measles, broke out from head to toe, fever, vomiting, etc.
    When my Mom took me to the doctor when I had just a few bumps and he said I had measles, she didn’t say, “did kids not vaccinated give her measles?” I clearly remember her saying, “she’s had the measles vaccine, why didn’t it work?”

  12. Something else people should ask when it comes to this non-vaccine.

    In the 50’s the polio vaccine caused around 250 to get polio and paralyzing many of them, that’s all it took to remove it.
    In the 60’s they tried a RSV vaccine, dozens were hospitalized and 2 died and that was enough to remove the vaccine and still to this day hasn’t been another one.

    Why with these number of hospitalizations, injuries and deaths are they not pulling it and instead saying get more? Never in our history have they allowed a so called vaccine to ever get to these numbers before they pulled it. Why is this one different?

    When people can start answering questions I might listen to them, but when legit questions continue being ignored, then I will continue believing this isn’t about protecting anyone and instead is about killing people.

  13. I’ve lost count of the unvaxxed deaths I know…
    None of the vaxxed people I know have been hospitalized or seriously sick..

  14. You were just about to show me where 90% of hospitalizations weren’t members of the church of the blessed horse de-wormer..

    I’m still waiting…

  15. “None of the vaxxed people I know have been hospitalized or seriously sick…”

    Do you live in a cave somewhere? A wattled hut on the moors? A desert island? Put a sock in it, boy, or else you’ll be outta here like shit through a goose.

  16. “I’ve lost count of the unvaxxed deaths I know…
    None of the vaxxed people I know have been hospitalized or seriously sick..”

    Names, addresses.

    I smell BULLSHIT!

    And anyway, what is it to you, since you are impervious, that I should choose not to be?
    Simple question. Though I don’t expect any rational response.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Dean Wormer.. I worked in Healthcare and through a covid outbreak…
    , 75% of the staff took vaccines in January..

    That includes where both wife and daughter work as well..

    A forty something I know is getting his vent turned off..

    I know of five more unvaxxed deaths in the last six weeks..

    That’s your unVaxxed odds in NC..

  18. I could show you obits from all I know who died from the vaccine or their death ruled covid after they were fully vaccinated, but I won’t disrespect their memory that way. When a person like you already called them stupid racists, I’m sure you could find something else to make fun of them.

    However, if you really want to play answer these questions?

    Why do you need me jabbed to protect you if you are jabbed?

    Why is this non-vaccine different than any other vaccine in our history when it comes to injuries or deaths and being pulled? Polio around 250 injured, RSV 2 dead?
    Why doesn’t the CDC track breakthrough cases?
    Why doesn’t the CDC track the vaccinated like they did covid and when someone they work with or live with contracts covid it’s not included in the numbers or they aren’t told they’ve been exposed to a vaccinated person?
    Why are hospitals venting people when that has never been the protocol for any other respiratory disease? Why are hospitals venting when it became known within a few months they were blowing their lungs out? Why are they venting when they know venting causes bacterial infections? Why are hospitals giving a drug that is killing kidneys?
    Why do doctors tell people to just go home and wait until their symptoms are bad enough to go to the hospital instead of giving them early treatment, even if it isn’t your hated Ivermectin?

    Finally why do you care if people successfully treat themselves with Ivermectin? What is it to you what they do with their own body?

    BTW, my husband says that he’s having to take chemo to kill his cancer and he thinks you should also take chemo so his will work.

  19. @The high priest of the church of the blessed horse wormer September 26, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    “…Here’s another classmate of theirs and friend of mine..

    Monte Kerr Obituary –…”

    Did I miss something here? Was this supposed be another example of someone who died of covid?

    According to this obituary Monte Kerr died in 2010. Does your argument depend upon no one actually reading your evidence?





    I’m tired of nurses like my daughter watch you idiots die…

  21. “…Copied the wrong one

    Happy now?…”

    Not really. None of your obituaries state the cause of death. You’re a progressive hack who is trying to use tactics that your useful idiot sheep fall for on a site where people actually think critically.

  22. Well I for one won’t die of covid, I have antibodies that won’t spread and kill others like you vaccinated folks.

    So tell your vaccinated daughter to quit transmitting the virus to her patients and they’d quit dying.

    To others on here, I’m sorry, this is normally not me to stoop this low, but I’m sick of this guy using his daughter to go after everyone for choosing to not be part of this trial.


    Ohhhh, so no vaxed breakthrough patients are clogging the system – just un-vaxed. Interesting. Did you get that statistic from the same source as your obituaries?

  24. Hey you commie, did you know they count people as unvaxxed if it has not been 15 days since the second dose (can’t say last, because they will make you take unlimited “boosters” or your freedom card will be cancelled?)

    Hey, you commie, did you know the people dying of “covid” are being murdered by remdisiver and vents? If people would stay home and take the known protocols, most of those dead people would be alive.

    Hey you commie, I will not put a gene altering poison in my body because you are a coward and afraid to die.

    What kind of idiot follows the directions of the mass murdering gnome that caused the whole fucking thing?

    This whole thing was planned for the culling of humans. By those satanic globalists that think they can be God. EVERY institution in EVERY country has been infiltrated by satanists. Isn’t it obvious yet?

  25. 90% so says you and the media and what’s sad even some of them are more honest than you and admit that this might not be accurate because they’re not considered fully vaxxed until over 2 weeks after their 2nd jab.

    The problem you have with your arguments is that there are some of us who know people in real life who are dying from the vaccine or dying after getting the vaccine and then being told they have covid. So our family and friends aren’t statistics to us.

  26. And I forgot to mention the little known irritating (to sheep) fact pointed out by Aussie and ORWW – “unvaxxed” patients include those who haven’t completed the government proscribed shot regimen,

    God, how progs and their UI’s hate those facts.

  27. Hello? High Priest? Hello? You’ve gone uncharacteristically silent. What’s the matter, facts got your tongue?

  28. Something else I’m curious about last year when supposedly all of these people were dying, were you also on the bandwagon everyone should mask up and stay home so your poor daughter wouldn’t have to watch anyone die?

    BTW, years ago when my husband and I got married and he was an EMT/firefighter I asked him how he could see all of that stuff all the time, because although I’ve been a farm girl my entire life blood and gore and death is not something I handle well when it comes to humans and even at times the animals.
    He told me there are many people who can’t and either they realize it soon and do something else or they go crazy and/or get on drugs and alcohol to kill it.

    It might just be time for your daughter to realize the profession she chose isn’t for her.

  29. Hunter
    SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 AT 8:14 PM
    “@ SNS

    So those of us that refuse the death jab are fools”

    Please don’t misunderstand. I was saying it from his apparent point of view. If you’ve read me in the past, you’d see I spent years around REAL diseases with little more than Universal Precautions, a honed sense of when to duck and when to turn my head, and the Lord’s help and grace.

    I had my liver enzymes messed up when I was doing that professionaly by a Hep C vaccine, so there’s that.

    I also have natural Coof immunity since last year.

    I just didn’t want to speak to that. I felt getting the message across, provider to provider, that you can NOT internalize your patient’s suffering and have it not kill YOU is more important in this particular case.

    The jab risk speak for themselves, and BFH more than covered it. That wasn’t what I was speaaking to at all.

    Funny thing. I lost a kid last month at work. Weird thing for an electrician to say, I know, but I’m also a trained corporate first responder with years of Squad service in my background. 19 years old, no known illnesses or pre-existing conditions, and dead as a door post in the bathroom. Asystolic, AED couldn’t find a usable pattern. Squad worked him over too, no dice.

    Waiting for the autopsy results. They’re public record here. Don’t know what killed him officially.

    But freind said he’d been jabbed a couple days before.

    Just saying.

  30. @ORWW – “…Hunter I think he was referring to GM thinking we’re fools…”

    I second that interpretation.

    @High Priest – Damn those pesky facts, they shut down a feel good emotive argument every time.

  31. “…Stirring the pot,,,

    Re obituaries

    FUCK YOU……”

    When you have no factual substance to present, attack without any basis.

  32. I like how ‘The high priest of the church of the blessed horse wormer’ is supposed to be in a ‘sorta’ medical field but he spends all his time avoiding work, and the sick vaccinated people in his daughter’s hospital, but he’s hanging out here.

    Thanks for the clicks, bitch.

  33. Collectively, we have wasted waaaay to much time arguing with this guy. Not sure what happened as I use to enjoy his posts. But he’s not listening to logic. He’s almost on a hyper emotional plane. I can’t deal. My suggestion is ignore his shit.

  34. Brad I agree with you, but I enjoy playing with idiots like him. He’s a diversion to more serious matters at hand – kind of like the court jester entertaining the king, or Romans watching the Christians being fed to the lions in The Colosseum. It’s entertainment.


    This guy tweeted in August he was jabbed and even had his followers telling him he’d be fine since he was jabbed.

    Does anyone besides most of us think anymore?

    When you took out the gunshot victims, accidents, etc. last year, the elderly and obese people were dying from covid. This year after the shots, younger, healthier people are dying from covid. So even if you believe the 90% non-jabbed bs, surely even in your brain fog you would wonder why are those dying becoming younger and healthier and what is the only thing different this year compared to last year?

    Another site someone linked to on CTH.

  36. This is my last comment on this thread regarding “high priest”, and I promise I will let it go (actually I’m lying, as I’m trying to goad him to respond, BUT, if he doesn’t, then I’m done).

    Your silence has been deafening. It must be frustrating not having a factual argument to support your emotional desire.

  37. Old Racist White Woman
    SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 AT 8:02 PM

    “BTW, years ago when my husband and I got married and he was an EMT/firefighter I asked him how he could see all of that stuff all the time, because although I’ve been a farm girl my entire life blood and gore and death is not something I handle well when it comes to humans and even at times the animals.”
    You deal with it. I compartmentalized. I didn’t take it home. I rarely followed up on a patient and forgot their names and never looked at my field notes after the run because I couldn’t have survived if I fully engaged in the “human suffering” aspects of it, and would have been no use to anyone if I did. The blood and guts part didn’t faze me too much, it was basically a mechanical problem that could be adrressed, and codes were things you could deal with mechanically, chemically, and electrically so it was kind of the same thing, and genuinely sick people were basically airway management problems for my brief acquaintace with them and no more.

    Everyone has their limits, though. What got to ME was peds and mentals. Peds because it was more intese, sure, but also because of abuse issues and dumbass, inattentive, drunk, and stoned parents that kept repeating and no one seemed able to address the parent issue. Can’t say any more about that. The mentals because it was just stupid and pointless as the Democrats all watched a Jack Nicholson movie and decreed you couldn’t keep them in an institution, so even the violent ones the cops red-tagged usually got back out while I was still doing my paperwork. Pretty depressing, but its even worse now. This wasnt making me a happy camper and I recognized it, so out I went to do something completely different. I valued my time in service and the lifetime of use I got out of it, and didn’t want to lay down my badge and they didn’t want me to, but it would have eaten me alive if I hadn’t. I still engage in a limited way, but its not my primary focus now by design. You HAVE to know when to back off.

    “He told me there are many people who can’t and either they realize it soon and do something else or they go crazy and/or get on drugs and alcohol to kill it.”
    Yep. Knew a few, but folks realizing it wasn’t their thing was more common. It could be dangerous to others when they completed their journey of self-discovery though. I was 4th in a four man hose crew once at a basement fire when #3 decided suddenly that flaming houses were scary and about knocked me over getting out. Screwed up the attack and abandoned the nozzleman in the basement and everything. It was just a bridge too far for him for some reason, but he didn’t know that until he was in it. I had to switch out in the field with partners on nights when I was supposed to be driving too because they suddenly decided they didn’t want to deal with protruding bone, but they’d handle vomit like a champ. It’s just different people have different limits, there’s no shame in it when you find yours, provided you act on what you discover about yourself when you DO.

    “It might just be time for your daughter to realize the profession she chose isn’t for her.”
    Which is my point. If it’s not one thing its another. I had an emphysema patient who would call us in crisis, and be putting out a cigarette and trying to hide the ashtray when we arrived. I had a gal unintenionally use her baby for an air bag once and I had to pump its dead little crushed chest all the way to the hospital, never mind the guts squeezed out of its anus, just to keep the irresponsible MOM from going crazy. I had to push through beer cans on the inside roof of an upside-down car to assess the drunk who flipped it as he dangled from his seat belt.

    Its a very tragic world out there, and it’s full of menegitis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, a whole host of respiratory and bloodborne pathogens just wating, so if it isn’t Coof it will just be something else, and you either learn to deal or get away from it.

    I had this one gal that called us for an accidental poisoning in the garden department of a big store once. We got there and she was sitting on the floor next to an open box of some garden poison. We asked her what happened, and she said “I wanted to see what this smelled like, so I did THIS”, AND SHE HUFFED IT AGAIN RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!

    …please believe me that I have seen the genuinely medically stupid. World’s full of them, always has been, always will be. Whatever you think of vaxxed or unvaxxed, trust me that there’s PLENTY of sick and stupid that will roll in no matter WHAT.

    So again, the best advice I can give, is deal with it if you can, or get OUT of it if you can’t.

    …just the way it is.

    Always has been.

    Always will be.

  38. Sometimes I used to wonder about my husband, for instance once he went out on a car wreck, a woman died, had blood and brains coming out of her head.
    He comes home telling me about while eating dinner, which happened to be hamburgers that night while he said it sort of looked like raw HB meat. I about threw up and asked him how he could eat and talk about it like that, he was just kind of like it’s what I do.
    Fast forward and he goes out on a rollover with young kids in the car, one of the kids was thrown out and the car rolled over him. That night all he said was kids were injured and died. No describing any of it and no wanting to talk about it. He took a shower and went to bed.

    It was months before he actually talked about it. After awhile I just realized him talking about it was his way of dealing with it and moving on and those he couldn’t talk about was the ones it took him a long time to move on from.

    He also had guys realize fires scared them in the middle of a house fire.

  39. Wow. I’ve actually met Groucho and thought he was a good dude. Funny, entertaining. But this whole vaccine thing has turned him into a hostile, raging guy. He’s not pleading for people to get the vaccine out of concern and love; he’s berating them and calling them names. It’s sad to see. If he thinks being an asshole to the unvaccinated is going to change their minds, he’s delusional too.

  40. Conjecture: GM/Rev. Wormer’s “vaccine” injury was multiple cerebral blood clots and parts of his brain died. Radical personality changes, diminished cognition.

    Repeat: conjecture.

  41. “Less people have died of Ivermectin in ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY COMBINED AND MULTIPLUED BY 100 than have died from the vaxxine”

  42. Oh, and since she was the “Sister of wife’s coworker” how did you come to know her?
    Couple of degrees of separation, there, though you wrote “I know.”
    May have stretched the truth a little bit.

    And why do you keep asking if someone spits or swallows?
    You cruisin for some fag action? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    But you may want to check out some other web sites – iOTWReport doesn’t seem to swing that way – and it isn’t a dating site (to my knowledge).

    izlamo delenda est …

  43. Brad,

    “My suggestion is ignore his shit.”

    Agreed. Have been from the beginning. Useless to even try to discuss when they are just repeating the left’s talking points. When someone shuts down any differing thought, opinion or fact because it might make them think, they have lost.


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