Valerie Jarrett was our First Female President

AT: Hillary Clinton has become the first female nominated for President of the United States but, should she win the election, she will not be the first female to occupy and control the Oval Office (insert Monica Lewinsky joke here). That honor arguably goes to Valerie Jarrett, currently Senior Adviser to President Obama.

Jarrett, born in Iran to American parents, has been with the Obamas since her days as Deputy Chief of Staff in the office of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, the elder. She hired Michelle Obama, them Michelle Robinson to fill an opening in the mayor’s office. As Wiikileaks describes the beginning of a long relationship:  MORE

7 Comments on Valerie Jarrett was our First Female President

  1. Don’t you mean “then Michelle Robinson, formerly Michael Robinson before gender reassignment surgery”.

  2. She’s had her hand up his ass for decades working them soup coolers. She’s evil to the core. She made millions in real estate in Chicago letting poor people suffer and I mean SUFFER in her slums. She’s a heartless cunt.

    I’d like to see the list of people that have lasted the entire 8 years of the Obama nightmare. Off the top of my head, no one but Tom Vilsack comes to mind. I only know this because of the farm report I hear on my local radio station everyday at noon. If my worthless R Congressman has nice things to say about him, then you know he’s toeing the line for Jarrett.

    Biden doesn’t count.

  3. Who might an anti-American from Iran pick to destroy America from within? What is the lowest piece of shit traitor she might find to do such a thing?

    Her orders come directly from the islamic terror caliphate.

  4. You don’t realize how very, very destructive this Moslem woman has been to America. Sadly, you eventually will. 🙁

  5. Turd B, saying Michelle is a man is just stupid and is MASSIVELY beside the point. Some of you characters don’t seem to understand that black women look different from white women. Jeez.

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