Valravn – Tallest Fastest Dive Roller Coaster

Point of View video.

I puked.

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  1. Me neither, I don’t like having my stomach in my throat. Even with my eyes closed that thing would scare the hell out of me. I’m not a big roller coaster fan and never have been.

  2. I loved summers at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.
    A 90-degree drop at 75 mph…Yikes!
    The Wild Mouse was my speed in 1959. 🙂

  3. For those like me who love this kind of thing, find out where there’s a flying circus in your neck of the woods and pay for an aerobatic ride in a strong open cockpit biplane (e.g. Stearman) with a big-ass engine. You’ll enjoy snap rolls, hammer heads, split Ss, aileron rolls, spins, etc. Aerobatics are even better than roller coasters if you like getting turned upside-down and shaken vigorously.

    There’s a good chance I’ll be near Sandusky this summer, and I’ll make it a point to get a ride on this thing!

  4. If you get out of control in a
    Stearman just let go of the stick.
    The plane will straighten out and
    fly itself.It does not need you.
    That’s what Dad said any how.He solo’d
    in one.

  5. I love these kind of rides but first I’d like to see the college transcripts of the engineers. If they’re from, oh I don’t know, say Evergreen State College or someplace like that, then no thanks.

  6. Nope. Don’t wanna ride that one after a coupla chili-cheese dogs …

    Maybe before … yeah, definitely before …

    izlamo delenda est …

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