Values Voters Summit attendees react to Beto attack on religious liberties

During a CNN town hall earlier this week, Democrat hopeful Beto O’Rourke took a swipe at religious freedom. One America’s Stefan Kleinhenz caught up with attendees at the Values Voter Summit in the nation’s capital to get their reaction.

32 Comments on Values Voters Summit attendees react to Beto attack on religious liberties

  1. People all the time in passing say we’re headed to a civil war. As how the Democrats are telling us we will be punished and they are coming after us, I’m going to believe them. One thing I’ve learned is they always go beyond what they say they will do, so if they don’t lose by large margins across this country we either enter a civil war or we pay an even worse price.

  2. Old Racist White Woman

    We got this either way. There will be a time when you need to keep your head down. It won’t last long.

  3. Anonymous,
    I’d rather be dead then go against my Savior, however I’m not one that will die without putting up a fight.

  4. Fritz the Cat
    First of all management enjoys me being a “No Name Dude”. Second of all, you racist piece of shit, the guy was a Christian from a third world county. No matter his skin color he wasn’t “One Of Them”. And he never voted for Obama. I’ve met some of these people of color that are very successful business people. In spite of their tan. Which kinda points to the fact that America is not all that racial after all. Unless it fits the lefts agenda. Are you a Libtard want to be? A plant? You sure sound like it. Bitch.

  5. “I’d rather be dead then go against my Savior, however I’m not one that will die without putting up a fight.”

    We’ve lost enough Patriots this week. I know people that know some people. If you want to worry about something, worry about our Presidents Security detail. I pray to God their up to the task.

  6. No name dude, you are a useful idiot and nowhere near the conservative I am. You and the pussies like you will be the last to join the fight.

    Coward POS. I’ll put my days of combat against yours anytime. And I mean real combat, not this behind the screen bullshit. FU.

  7. Fritz the Cat
    Have another drink Bitch. I’ll go out on a limb here and accuse you of not being physically able to get in the fight. How am I doing old man? Sit down and shut up.

  8. Name the place and time, moron.

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  9. No response from the tough guy. I think i’m a tough guy. Maybe I’m kidding myself. Maybe I’m a pussy. Where’s that fucking dick, Fritz the Cat. Things need to be set straight. Truth needs to be exposed. Reality is key. Reality is Fritz is a Pussy. God Dammit Fritz, commit.

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  11. ghost of brig gen j glover

    Sorry, out a room for this tough guy pussy bull shit. I’ll shut up from now on. Just hate frauds.

  12. @Anon – (I have an issue with anons, is there not any way of distinguishing yourself?!) – no need to steam roll. Make your point and move ON.

    I tried ONCE @Anon? No offense of course…

    Fritz – I dig your avatar. But, also as Eddie Koch would say…Stttooooopp…how do you have a discussion with an Anon?? We honor your duty, but let’s not go there…

    Curse, or cuss, to make a point, not to disparage each other.

  13. Well, why do you use Anon and not…HAL 5000 for instance? Heck, I could post as Anon 104.3?

    Anon does not have a personality, because how do I know that a Ghost is addressing an Anon?? Which Anon should I support or not support? Give the ole thumb up??

    At least ‘a Ghost of a Colonel that became a General’ has a personality.

    Not here to fight, just to CLARIFY.

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  15. ghost of brig gen j glover
    Because BFH banned me asshole. How’s that for an answer? Ya wanna back the fuck up sparky?

  16. @Anon ‘formerly known as’ Prince – why were you banned, just curious now since you opened up your CLOSET?

    Asshole I may be and a sparky I definitely am!

    Why were you banned? What heinous thing was said??

    How do you know Fritz is a ‘special forces guy’?

    That sounds like dumb dumb speak.

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    Go ahead.

  17. Calling all Anons.

    Don’t be dicks…or dick heads ( not saying you ‘all’ are).

    Provide thoughtful free, engaging thoughts and ideas and that goes for YOU too Fritz, sloooow down!

    Keep it REAL, but keep IT somewhat comical!


  18. Well, at least we don’t fake Military Service. You should be cognizant of your pals cause that guys a stone cold fake loser.

  19. What’s with this pissing match ?

    Bobbie Frannie A’ Rork
    just made an ass of himself
    and you guys want to outdo him.

    Why not just let the smellocrats
    expose themselves for what they are ?

  20. @Old Racist White Woman October 14, 2019 at 11:12 pm

    > a civil war or we pay an even worse price

    There is no price greater than getting off the couch.

    You’ll pry my bowtie from my cold, dead neck.

    (On the couch.)

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