Vampire Attack Rumors Trigger Riots, ‘Utter Chaos’ in Mozambique

I can’t even…


Breitbart: Riots have broken out in the town of Gile in Mozambique amid fears that blood-sucking vampires were active in the area with the help of government officials.

According to local media, fears of vampires have been circulating in recent months following an incident in which a mob attacked a local business owner in the locality of Muiane, who they believed was a vampire.

After looting the man’s shop, they went on to vandalize the homes of local politicians, including the head of the Muiane administrative post and of the local secretary of the ruling Frelimo Party.

Since that incident, rioting in the town of Gile has become so violent that Gile’s district administrator has had to flee to the neighboring district of Alto Molocue.

A spokesperson for local law enforcement, Miguel Caetano, confirmed in a press briefing on Monday that five people were arrested for spreading fears about vampires and inciting public disorder. Caetano added that the rumor was more likely an opportunity for criminals to frighten people and thus steal their property.  read more

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  1. I guess in a country where there a no white racists readily available to blame for stupidity, vampires are the next best thing for empty barrels to rumble about.

  2. Next up: Counter-protests erupt when supporters of VampireLivesMatter (#VLM) march on Mozambique’s capital, chanting “We all have a stake in our future!”.

  3. Hey, not a biggie, this sort of misunderstanding and overreaction could happen in *any* 3rd World country…or on any US college campus!

  4. Okay, with vampires it’s a stake through the heart. With werewolves, it’s a silver bullet. With, zombies you go for the head. Now, how do you deal with a micro-aggression? Do you use a gold hammer and sickle? What about a white privilege? Do you use a picture of Lenin or maybe a copy of “The Communist Manifesto?”

  5. Stupid is the logical first assumption in Mozambique.

    Let’s check with the National IQ Benchmark.

    Oh, says here that Mozambique has a collective average IQ of 64.


    We consider 80 to be borderline retarded in this country.

    Guess I’m taking Mozambique off my travel bucket list b

  6. Yeah … every time I get fearful of vampires I go out and loot some store.

    Sounds, surprisingly, like Ferguson, MO.

    “Hands up! Don’t Exsanguinate!”

    izlamo delenda est …

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