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Van Jones Deserves Gold in Mental Gymnastics

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On the night of January 7th, 2022, in the city of Memphis, five Black men wearing badges and sidearms, who swore an oath to serve and protect, did none of those things. Instead, those now-fired police officers beat Tyre Nichols so badly that he died, from their multiple kicks and punches, in the hospital days later. Tyre Nichols was also a Black man. The difference was, the only criminals on the street that fateful night were wearing badges. One need only watch the video once, to see that what those men did to Nichols was utterly unjustified and criminal.

What was the conclusion of CNN’s Van Jones, in a new op-ed? It wasn’t that (at least) five bad apples—wearing badges—ended the life of an innocent man. No, Jones concluded that Black men beating another Black man was an act of racism (and the subtext: white racism is to blame for black men killing a black man). As incredible as that sounds, that was, unfortunately, the expected opinion of race-baiters in media, where everything, even the beating of a Black man by another Black man, is racism. Continues

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  1. Silly me, I thought for sure that his article was going to be about the dangers of affirmative action hires and how the city of Memphis deserved better.

  2. race card went way over its limit on that toss

  3. I’d bet in Van Jones’ World, the continent of Africa was a virtual paradise before the Evil White Man arrived. I’m sure all the tribes of Wakanda Paradise were living in harmony with each other, no violence or enslavement to be found. And the Lions laid down with the Antelope, and there was peace throughout the Land.

  4. The little jug eared community agitator sure riled up the natives. Fundamental change! If I had a son!

  5. They intended to stomp his ass when they approached the car and dragged him out. They intended to stomp him when he mewed out his ‘what have I done’s’. They intended to stomp him as they ‘just couldn’t get him subdued’. They were likely thrilled when he broke loose momentarily, more stomping to come. And so on until it was all wildly out of hand and he was on the path to death.

    The quality of the men, the officers, is the issue. It’s hard to hire and train up police officers, made infinitely more difficult by the whole ‘racist murdering devils’ mantra through the media, blacksploitation complex and government agreeing with the scurvy crew!

  6. I support the police. Why? Because poor little Tyre could have prevented this outcome by not running.

  7. Memphis is a negro town.
    Run by negroes, for negroes.
    Same as DC, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis – so if there’s ANY racism there, it’s on the part of THE negroes.

    Back when THE Congo went through its troubles the “soft hair” negroes killed the “hard hair” negroes (no evil white crackers involved) as the “hard hair” negroes killed the “soft hair” negroes. Apparently, very small differences can make the “racist” scorecard.

    Just as Palestinians are THE Palestinians worst enemies, so are negroes THE negroes worst enemies.

    Sad, but true.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I’ve seen this before.

    There’s a first ring suburb of Cincinnati named Lincoln Heights. Like anything with “Heights” or “Lincoln” in its name, its a “historically Black community” with a HUGE “racism” chip on its shoulder. Because of this, and things like the 2001 race riots, Lincoln Heights chose to illegally hire ONLY Black police officers. Because many communities do this, good ones are a scarce and expensive commodity, and Lincoln Heights is a relatively poor community, so they kinda dropped their standards. To the point where they had criminals as sworn, armed officers.

    ht tp://

    They also had lost a Chief because…ahh…he wasn’t actually a police officer.

    ht tps://

    There were issues with police brutality and lawsuits and even though they were as Black as the community, they were pretty hated. My mixed race church in the area went on a prayer walk with all the other, mostly Black, area churches for a “Stop The Violence” prayer meeting, that went through the neighborhood and ended in a Community Center where it devolved into a “Fuck Tha Police” meeting when officers were invited onstage.

    Needless to say, the violence wasn’t stopped.

    The police department then disbanded in 2014, and the city has been patrolled by the County Sheriff ever since.

    ht tps://

    You never heard of any of this because everyone involved was Black. You certainly WOULD have had they been White, but it probably wouldn’t have happened if their main hiring goal hadn’t been “Black at all cost”.

    This happens pretty much everywhere with a majority Black population now.

    I don’t see there being any Wakandas arising any time soon.

  9. The Back to Africa (BTA) movement (Repatriation) must become fully operational and mandatory! We owe it, both to them and to us, to return them to their homeland, pronto! No new immigration from Africa should be allowed in the future for their sake and ours!

  10. Jason Whitlock has an interesting take. He blames the fatherless black culture wherein single mothers enforce zero standards and allow young black males to commit heinous violence against each other with no repercussions at home.

    The five black scorpion unit cops put a street rat thug ass hood beat down without hesitation under the color of law because their big black momma police chief hired criminals as her police officers and babied away there inherently violent tendencies.

    She was asked directly by little Georgie Snufflelufigas if any of these five had previous records and she immediately eqivocated and covered her ass with her answer.

    Things that make you go hmmmm…

    Black thugs beat each other to death, shoot and stab each other by the thousands every month in this country but no “Justice for fill in the blank” until it involves the police.

    Not trying to justify this obvious murder but I wonder when the no justice no peace crowd will look inward enough to address the commie bullshit in their midst.

  11. “… when the no justice no peace crowd will look inward enough to address the commie bullshit in their midst.”

    Never. Ignorance coupled with Arrogance is a volatile mixture.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. @anonymous, you could not be more wrong. In your statement should read that you support the good police. If you condone this type of brutal barbaric behavior then you are no better than they are.

  13. Black Communist Death Democrat run City, Black Communist Death Democrat Diversity, (Black and a women, is she gay because that would be a diversity trifecta, Chief of Police and five Black Police Officers and one black young man an apparent victim. Nary a white to be seen in any of this.

    Can someone please point out to me where the racism is and what is the real reason for all these riots in Communist Death Democrat Run Cities?


  14. @ Djginco

    It would have been nice if the captains of those slave ships that originally bought those black slaves from their black brothers in Africa had gotten a money back guarantee.

  15. He’s a schmuck. I don’t even listen to him. I want to live in a nation without him.

  16. The last racist on earth will be black…guaranteed.

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