Vancouver, Canada: Restaurant manager fired after refusing to serve customer wearing MAGA hat – IOTW Report

Vancouver, Canada: Restaurant manager fired after refusing to serve customer wearing MAGA hat

FOX: The manager of a popular restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, was fired after he told a customer to remove his “Make America Great Again” cap or he would refuse to serve him.

Darin Hodge, the former manager of the Teahouse in Stanley Park, told Global News he stood by his decision to ask the man to take off the cap saying the hat represented “racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, (and) homophobia.”  MORE HERE

25 Comments on Vancouver, Canada: Restaurant manager fired after refusing to serve customer wearing MAGA hat

  1. These must be the most versatile hats in the world!

  2. Making Canada great again, too – one intolerant, bigoted restaurant manager at a time.

  3. “… saying the hat represented “racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, (and) homophobia.”

    … don’t forget: ‘self-righteous, smug, unemployed assholes’

  4. We wear MAGA hats just to see liberal heads explode.

  5. Being a restaurant manager and seeing a customer come in wearing something he knows will alienate and anger a significant number of his other patrons is not an easy situation to deal with successfully. He would have had my sympathy right up to the time he let his inner asshole emerge and fuck it all up really, really badly.

  6. That’s OK sweetpants. I prefer not being served by a mincing, lisping faggot who’s afraid of muzz and female troglodyte bullies.

  7. Not to brag or anything, but in 1970 I spent the night in the bushes in Stanley Park. OK, I’m bragging – – and changing the subject.

  8. But wear a BLM hat in Starbucks and you get free coffee.

  9. Identical training manual as The Red Hen restaurant?

  10. This Bullshit is getting out of hand. I wear the following hats and change every day. West Point Baseball, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Beretta, US Army Veteran, MAGA, USA 45, NYPD, I Like IKE, 2005 Masters, Cobra. NY Jets; I have ten US Open hats, a Port St. Lucie Hat, and a PGA Villages hat. From now on I’m just going to wear my MAGA hat and if someone phucks with me you’ll read about it.

    BTW Where is Bad Brad? Anyone? Hey Brad, I hate to drink alone.

  11. @Engleburka.
    Formerly the Red Hen. Now the Dead Duck.

  12. Uncle Al: I agree, the hat can look like you want to make troube, or make others uncomfortable. It’s Human nature for a Liberal to feel Judged by those wearing a Trump cap, and if a Lib had a Hillary Unicorn hat, we would fell that they would be Ignorant.

  13. Moe I think he is on a houseboat on Lake Shasta.
    But don’t know, I will call his office on Monday.
    PS knowing Brad you are not drinking alone tonight.

  14. The restaurant manager just had the Trump curse visit him. Now he’s unemployed because he thought he had a higher moral standing than the guy wearing the hat. May the Trump curse follow him for the rest of his life! The Little Red Hen may not ever open again…tsk, tsk.

  15. Hey Moe, you are not drinking alone. I just opened a beer because it’s not a good idea to quench your thirst whiskey. I’ll move past the beer pretty soon.

  16. I like to wear hats when I’m out hiking or walking. I’ve got one that’s glitzy that says “BOSS” and the other one that has initials that says “SD”. I’m often asked what SD stands for (on the brim of the hat it says San Diego). So, I mess with the person asking and I say “Shit Disturber.” I always get a laugh and a smile. 🙂

  17. Here’s an idea:
    If you’re eating in a restaurant and management refuses to serve someone wearing a MAGA hat, express outrage and storm out in sympathy. Without paying your check!

  18. I’d probably be in less trouble wearing my Rat Fink hat out in public even though my daughter won’t let me wear it outside the house except for mowing the grass.

  19. Hey Joe/Geoff Ever tell you about the time I took my first born for his first drink? No? Well here’s what happened. I had just finished ploughing the South Twenty to prepare it for seeding. It was about 3pm. The wife had to drive to the town to do some shopping. So I said to the lad, come on, I’ll buy you a pint. So we headed of to the local, down the road.
    I ordered a pint of Guinness. He didn’t like it, so I drank it.
    I ordered him a beer. He didn’t like it, so I drank it.
    I ordered him an Ale, He didn’t like it so I drank it.
    I got him a whiskey and he refused it, so I drank it.
    Pissed, I got him one of those modern fancy drinks, with vodka, rye, gin
    and all sorts of shit, in a glass with an umbrella. He didn’t like it so I drank it.
    How the phuck I got his stroller back up the hill before the wife got home,
    I’ll never know.

  20. Just one more time South Park got it right, F*ck Canada..

  21. I was taught and always respected the take your hat off at the table rule.
    I wonder how it would have turned out, had the guy done that.
    Probably exactly the same.

  22. Overpriced, pretentious crappy food that will now have spit or worse in it no matter what I do?

    Getting kicked out was a favor!

  23. My question is; why would ANYONE think it is okay to wear a hat of any kind inside a restaurant.
    I was taught as a child, and it was reinforced during my military service, that a cover is removed as soon as you cross the threshold.


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