Vancouver, Canada: Tire treads are now hate symbols

WA Examiner: If ever you find yourself driving in West Vancouver, British Columbia, don’t. You may find yourself on the wrong side of the law for the supposed crime of … leaving a tire mark on a public crosswalk?

“West Vancouver Police are investigating a mischief to property, after someone defaced the department’s new Pride crosswalk,” law enforcement officials announced this week in a statement.

It adds, “On July 7, 2020 at 4:04 pm staff inside the police station heard a loud and sustained tire squealing outside. When officers took a closer look, they discovered that someone had just left tire marks across a portion of the crosswalk, at the intersection of 16th St and Esquimalt Ave.”

The vehicle, the statement continues, “left the area at a high rate of speed and was not located.” more here

16 Comments on Vancouver, Canada: Tire treads are now hate symbols

  1. ???? That Pony didn’t even have positraction.

    The point is…. if you don’t want your flag driven over, don’t paint it on the fucking ground.

    G*d damn Canidiots.

  2. Yeah, as Aaron noted the hate is a sports car that still has a solid rear axle.
    In fact Mustangs were the very last American car to have a solid rear axle – after every subcompact, etc.

  3. Just laugh at us. We deserve it.

    The exact same thing happened in Hamilton Ontario Canada a few years ago.

  4. Isn’t that covered under ‘freedom of speech’?

    Or are there copyright infringements??

    When someone ‘peels out’ you’d think others would appreciate the appeal.

    Apparently burning rubber and burning businesses are two different things.

  5. “Look at how he is driving! We need to go out and arrest him!”

    “Because he was reckless?”

    “No, because he left tire marks on the gay pride crosswalk!”


    “And how do you plead to the charge of committing a hate crime?”

    “Not guilty, your honor. I was driving so fast down that street I didn’t even thee that the rainbow crosswalk was there.”

    “Oh,then. Case dismissed.”

  6. I find the paint quite slippery, when braking or peeling out on it. They should use more tar in the mix to avoid accidents.

  7. Skidmarks somehow appropriately go along with gayness. I’m too tired after a long week to try and come up with a witty joke about it.

  8. Also – That is a 1999 or 2000 six cylinder model Mustang. It only has a solo-track rear…not posi, so that’s why only one burn-out mark.
    My old 2002 GT 4.6L V8 would have smoked both tires for 50 yards if I was so inclined…

  9. If the Muslims become dominant in Canada, tire marks on a crosswalk will be the least worry of the gays.

  10. Those police up there in W. Vancouver have no shame. That’s a disgusting display of liberal wokeness. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the “police” officers started crying over it.

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