Vandals Are Exclusive To The Left

A woman in D.C.’s Dupont Circle created a little free library and dedicated to it Michelle Obama. Someone didn’t appreciate the effort and has vandalized the simple structure numerous times. Here

While I understand the dislike of all things Obama, defacing property is not how we do things on the right. A better approach would be to donate reading material related with the former first lady. Perhaps one of these for starters. Here

11 Comments on Vandals Are Exclusive To The Left

  1. I had never thought of it as exclusive before, but Vandalism is a Leftist affliction. Conservatives will be Direct with things with little left to question, and Lib’s would rather sneak around you and get what they want in the Now tense, as opposed to fixing the Long picture.

  2. The legacy is that the Obama’s and millions of others think that their official portraits are cutting edge trendy and beautiful. It only DEFINES the fool’s that they truly are and have been…..

  3. Is there a guide for swindling a nation? Because that would seem to be appropriate.

    Perhaps a biography or two of people who loved this nation all their life, like George H.W. Bush and Barbara.

  4. “Who are these monsters?” she said of vandals to the Post.
    Excuse me??? Donald Trump was excoriated for calling MS-13 members “animals” (and they are). But this woman calls vandals “monsters”, and that’s OK? Defacing property is deplorable, for sure, but not even in the same universe as the heinous stuff MS-13 does.

    Anyway, as recent history has shown us time after time, these kinds of “hate crimes” are always committed by the left.

  5. I would bet a 5 year supply of IOTW bucks that a leftist asshat did it. Why?
    Because no conservative with BALLS lives within 80 miles of the little shithole library.


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