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Vandals Destroy $60,000 Worth of Bees

It was Thursday that Justin Englehardt, owner of Wild Hill Honey in Sioux City, Iowa went to check on his bees. That’s when he found all the hives destroyed and his buildings damaged, wiping out his business.

This being a time of giving, a Go Fund Me page was created to offset the damage and get Wild Hill Honey back in operation again. The page had managed to exceed the goal of $30,600 needed to recover the business.  More  

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  1. My first thought was

    “What’s the Hive Owners political affiliation?”

    My second thought was

    “Any muzzies in the neighborhood?”

    My brain is geared toward these thoughts after the last

    8 years of the donger.

  2. I would invite them back in the summer time. Show them how the peaceful bees work to produce honey in the shed. Then slam and lock the door. Then beat on the walls with a board about 5 minutes. That should be enough to show them the error of their ways.

  3. Ohio Dan – If yer gonna do something like that make sure they’re Yellow Jackets.
    Bees will just destroy themselves.
    Yellowjackets are the Assholes of the insect world and can sting multiple times.

  4. I hate thieves and punks! Last week we had another round of someone going down every country road and busted all the mail boxes. We wised up few years ago and got a post office box.

  5. Thankfully the GoFundMe page they set up has been exceeded and is no longer accepting donations.
    Why would anyone at this time of year want to destroy a bee-hive and someones livelihood?

  6. Most people don’t know there’s a real problem with bees dying off and the beekeepers and scientists don’t really know why. Bees are a CRITICAL part of the farming process and we could be headed for serious problems if bee populations continue to decrease. Having some jerk intentionally kill them, aside from the severe assholiness, is a double whammy.

    Little known fact – in cold weather, all the bees cluster around the queen and the center of the hive stays above 90 degrees all winter, even in the deepest deep freeze.

  7. I gather the cops got some fingerprints as well as bootprints so there is a chance of finding these douches. Of course the problem is they’ll wind up being teenagers and get a rap on the knuckles and a sealed juvie record when they really should be taken out back and have the snot kicked out of them and have to take the next summer working for the beekeeper to learn some respect for property and for nature.

  8. Bees pollinate the food we eat
    to survive… Put the bastards to
    death.As Dad would say “make an example out of them”.
    Time to go Spartan.

  9. We had a bear do this on the other side of the highway last year (or year before).
    But of course a bear is a dumb brute, not like a teenager or animal-rights activist – right?


    izlamo delenda est …

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