Vandals Destroy Confederate Soldier Monument in Durham, N.C.

The signs pictured were carried by a group of criminals who used the excuse of a protest to smash a monument to confederate soldiers that stood in front of a government administration building in Durham, N.C.

In the video linked,  one of the participants claims that the act was a “small bit of justice” for the violence in Charlottesville. The Durham police did not intervene but were video taping the entire incident, so hopefully the people that did this will also get a “bit of justice” for their criminal behavior.


Other confederate soldier statues have been vandalized in other cities, though not to the extend seen in Durham More

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  1. What’s next? Destruction of battlefields where the Confederacy prevailed? Founding Fathers? Vietnam memorial?

    Shouldn’t they be saving their energy for mosques as offensive and inciting violence against innocent people and oppression of women, gays, etc.?

    What will it take for this country to pull its collective head out of its ass?

  2. I feel so much more safe knowing the Police are video taping criminals, not intervening or arresting anyone at the crime scene. Did the Durham Mayor tell them to stand down and ignore the crime?

    Desecration of war memorials is the ultimate unlawful, dishonorable act, prosecution and restitution is demanded.

  3. Brought to you by the same bolsheviks (Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party) that brought communism to eastern europe.
    Wasn’t that swell!

  4. Never forget, this all began under Obama:
    Accusing people of hurling racial epithets when they never did.
    Branding people as Racists for merely disagreeing on legislative policy.
    Whites apologizing for being White, lamenting their own identity and country.
    Open hostility toward police with protest-chants calling to kill them.
    The formation of BLM, a racist organization built on a lie, invited to the White House.
    Police “standing down” to allow people to destroy.
    Multiple police officers ambushed and killed; never once did the media demand that Obama denounce any of it specifically. All the posturing now about Trump not clearly denouncing specifically enough. Please. These same people believe you are racist because you’re White. Because you love the United States.

    This is Obama’s real legacy. He brought America a level of lawlessness you never imagined would occur in your lifetime. Here it is!

  5. There erasing part of the civil rights movement’s history when they destroy these symbols of the civil war that were put up by Democrats in the south as a show of defiant support for segregation.

    Someday those wanting to document what the racist post civil war south was like are going to be wondering where all the symbols from that era went to.

  6. American ISIS is exactly right to describe these fully triggered brownshirts.

    That’s what was disappointing about Trump’s tump boilerplate about everybody saluting the same flag, worshipping the same god, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    These people burn the flag. They worship the government’s power. You think this stops with tearing down Robert E. Lee and anyone who defended their homes and neighbors from what would easily be called war crimes today.

    Today they tear down the history of the confederacy. Tomorrow they tear down Washington and Jefferson.

  7. Geoff C. showed me a image last night that had the toppled Civil War statue. The words were: “No Civil War, Poof! No Slavery!”

  8. America’s Arab spring-
    Valenzuela is rioting because they have no food-water-and a dictator leading the government-
    We have stupid people in position of power-police-mayors-senate-congress etc.
    Europe is or has turned into the middle east and the satanic religion of Islam is like a swarm of locust covering the earth. Pray and cease not to pray that God will deliver this nation and show us his mercy again…….

  9. All Martin Luther King Blvd signs must come down asap!
    His name is up there solely because of his race. He claimed all men should be judged on their character and not their color: TOTAL FAIL. Because that’s not who we are, thanks to Obama, Holder, and many others. They’ve shown us that the most important thing is what color your skin is, and how much you can whine and claim that people owe you.

    To honor MLK is to mock us all.

  10. 1) Identify as many vandals/terrorists as possible.
    2) Identify their place of employment (if any).
    3) Pressure their employer to fire them.

    Turnaround is fair play.

  11. It’s hard to say that the law “enforcement” that let this happen is NOT complicit. Shine a spotlight on them and let’s see them squirm a wee bit.

  12. “History always repeats: the first as tragedy, the second as farce.”

    We are living in the farcical period.

    What kind of fukkin pussy attacks a statue? Hmm?

    Used to be known as “shadow boxing.”

    Take an inanimate object.
    Vent your spleen.
    High five yourself (and your fellow pussies) about how tough and committed you are.

    Yep. Pretty sure the cops and the racists are all running for cover.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. The following link has news about the antifa responsible for providing the ladder and rope used to tear down the Confederate statue in downtown, Durham, NC.
    The leftist tool is more than willing to fall on her sword for the cause; .

    There is suppose to be a news conference with the Durham County Sheriff Dept. Charges may be filed. Yeah right -misdemeanor charges latter dropped.

  14. I create miniature statues of Obozo nearly every day. They are very lifelike, and very easy to make. I never keep any of them, of course. I just flip the handle and down the toilet bowl they go!

  15. This town and its leadership are a disgrace for allowing these animals to tear down that statue. the police could have ignored any ‘stand down’ orders and told the city council or mayor to shove it, and that they had an oath to enforce the law. I dunno, some things are worth drawing the line and making a stand.

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