Vanna Gets Her Chance At The “Wheel”


Wheel of Fortune announced Friday on its social media channels that longtime letter turner Vanna White is filling in as host after Pat Sajak underwent emergency surgery.

Sajak had intestinal surgery on Thursday, prompting the game show to cancel the Thursday night taping. Sajak is recovering from the operation. More

6 Comments on Vanna Gets Her Chance At The “Wheel”

  1. I think Vanna played host a few years ago on an April Fools Day show. Another time Alex Trebek hosted Wheel and Pat Sajak hosted Jeopardy, IIRC.

    I wish them both well.

    I once worked for someone who had worked with Sajak in Viet Nam. I worked for that guy before I knew who Sajak was, but I looked up an air check of my former boss and found one from Viet Nam during which he mentions Sajak.

  2. @Anniegirl – not certain they would be able to find a qualified one. 😉

    Pat is conservative, he tweets nonconfrontational but definitely conservative. Don’t know about Vanna but I’d say a good chance she is too.


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