Various Requests For an Open Thread Today

We’ll do this from time to time so that people can post whatever it is they’d like to say, or link to.

Have fun.

I’ll be watching this thread. I always like to see what interests you guys.

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  1. Biden just said that any black person who isn’t sure who to vote for “ain’t black.”

    Predicted media exposure: 0.0%

  2. Biden just said that any black person who isn’t sure who to vote for “ain’t black.”

    Predicted media exposure: 0.0% (more likely a negative number)

    Predicted Republican response via video attack ads: 100.00%

    Predicted media response saying “Republicans pounce” but ignoring the original Biden comment: 150%

  3. We live in Ilinois. Our 94 year old Mom (95 next month) wanted me to ‘communicate’ to our stylist she wanted to be put on the top of the list to have her hair permed and cut when they were finally able to open. Our stylist responded with: she’s pulling the VIP card. Too funny. I am so tired of this crap. Why can we get tattoos, have abortions, buy booze, go to big stores, etc. and not have our hair cut? I’m done. Glad I’m not suicidal or homicidal. Thanks BFH for this opportunity to vent.

  4. Wow. The country has been shut down by tyrants and nobody has anything to say about that? The new normal? Shut downs thru the summer? Burned churches. Snitches. Obamagate?

  5. I went to church – IN PERSON – on Wednesday. That was the first time we gathered since mid March. There were about 20 people.

    Was talking to a friend before the service started, and we both missed seeing everyone. Online service just wasn’t the same. Then she said, “Do you want a hug?” and I said, “YES!”. It was so nice to have human contact.

  6. I wonder if this whole pandumbic is another attempt to get TRUMP or an attempt to keep gropin joe from constantly & profusely making a fool of himself.
    Either or both are complete failures. TRUMP may not ever get the swamp drained, but it is a thing of beauty to see the degree to which he has broken all that is unholy.

  7. I regards to Joe Biden’s latest:

    Is Burgess Owens a real black person or just faking it?

    Burgess Owens,” I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found the misery that party brought to my race… How about the Democrats pay for all the misery brought to my race?”

    Hearings for H.R. 40 in congress

  8. All my goats have passed on so I’m gonna put my vegetable garden in where they lived for the 5 years I’ve been here. 5 years of good urine and goat smart pills….should be fantastic soil…..Tomato’s and peppers mostly….

    Fresh Tomato’s are one of my five best reasons to be alive. There’s a heritage variety called ‘ Juanne Flemme’ that will change your world….Get them, your welcome….

  9. Fur, I showed your “picture” to my little sister and she said to tell you that, “At least he HAS hair”!

    My response was, “Oh, I don’t know. I kinda like guys with a little shine on the noggin”!

  10. Anonymous
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 11:15 AM
    “Wow. The country has been shut down by tyrants and nobody has anything to say about that?”

    See the entire rest of the site. It’s all there, all of your topics and more.

    Occasionally, though, to keep your sanity, it’s necessary to have a little fun.

    All work and no play makes Jack a humorless, soulless, crap-your-pants-dull, dead from the dick up Democrat, which we try to avoid here.

    Communists have NO sense of humor.

    We DO.

  11. Anonymous
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 11:15 AM
    “Wow. The country has been shut down by tyrants and nobody has anything to say about that?”

    See the entire rest of the site. It’s all there, all of your topics and more.

    Occasionally, though, to keep your sanity, it’s necessary to have a little fun.

    All work and no play makes Jack a humorless, soulless, crap-your-pants-dull, dead from the dick up Democrat, which we try to avoid here.

    Communists have NO sense of humor.

    We DO.

    …Lighten up, Francis.

    …it’s for your own good.

    …if it helps, we’ll pretend the CDC says it keeps Coronavirus away.

    Which is no stupider than anything ELSE they’ve said…

  12. @BFH – Mary Hatch digs the cut! BUT, I did not know you play Minecraft?! :>), I don’t but my crew does.

    Where you wearing GLASSES when ya started this thing?? Lol…

    I have the grays, as well, on the side like that too…and it’s creeping over the top…like you! :>o

  13. Wow, Fur’s just a young dude!

    …but why worry about HAIR?

    …you’re SUPPOSED to wear your eponymous Ushanka at all times while being our ringmaster, nicht wahr?

    …you know, if’n you want, next time you throw it open, it might be fun to do another explain your name/avi thread, those are fun, it’s been a couple years, and we’ve got some new folks that may not know the Story of the Hat, just sayin’…

  14. BFH
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 11:47 AM
    “I don’t wear glasses.
    Just readers.”

    …or “painters”? You get some pretty fine detail in your works there, Michelangelo, so I figure you need to see THAT pretty good, too…

  15. Tape on the floor ‘to space’ the masses, or stickers at the end of each aisle to direct which way you must proceed on an aisle. WM has lost it. Local grocery stores have it right. Let ’em shop. One of these days there will be a guard at the vegetable and fruit stands to pick what you want.

  16. willysgoatgruff
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 11:26 AM

    “…Fresh Tomato’s are one of my five best reasons to be alive. There’s a heritage variety called ‘Juanne Flemme’ that will change your world….Get them, your welcome….”

    …goats to fresh tomatoes. Not NEARLY as much fun to WATCH, I’m guessing.

    …although if you stay up like Fur, maybe you WILL see your Juanne Flemmes butting heads after awhile, at least in your mind…

  17. Remember to get some sun. And you live in Florida with that rebellious Governor De Suntan? No wonder you’re lily white!

  18. BigOwe
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 11:51 AM
    “One of these days there will be a guard at the vegetable and fruit stands to pick what you want.”

    …maybe there SHOULD be, if THIS guy’s there (at 2:15)…

    …people don’t need Coronavirus to be nasty handling your fruit…

  19. @BFH -uuuh #metoo with the ‘cheaters’ (glasses…that is).

    Started about ten plus years ago…right about the same time the grays showed up…GEE what a surrrrprise!

  20. I’ve been trying to look for the silver lining to all this coronavirus and there are a few bright spots:

    It has validated our decision to live in a small town with our own business, a few acres, a few porches, and a gorgeous view.

    If we ever go back to church, we won’t have to do that silly sign of peace thing.

    I actually like getting all the groceries at 6:30 in the morning once a week, when there are no fussy children in the store –although I am annoyed I haven’t been carded by the manager, who should be incredulous that I qualify for the ‘senior shopping hour.’

    I can have as much wine with dinner as I want because I’m not driving home after.

    I think the overreach of governors and bureaucrats is actually enlightening some of the citizenry and they may become more conservative, self-reliant, and appreciative.

    Other than the above, this is a crazy, stupid, frustrating time.

  21. I got my hair cut Monday also after about three months. It was nice to chat with Lynn, the lady who cuts my hair and is the owner of the salon. There was A LOT of pent-up demand and she and her stylists are very busy even following the fairly strict “guidelines” for re-opening such places.

    There’s no waiting inside; you stay in your car and if the receptionist doesn’t see you (but she will!) you call on the phone to announce your arrival. When it’s your turn, someone UNLOCKS THE DOOR and waves you in, then re-locks. No gloves required, but I had to wear a mask. Lynn, masked and gloved, would take one of the ear straps off and hold that side of the mask in place while she worked one-handed to do what was needed nearby.

    We had a nice chat. We agree that the over-reaction has been over-the-top, and also that the ovine compliance is disheartening. We have the same positive opinion of our Governor DeSantis as (mostly) a good guy who did quite well with this ChiCom virus crap even under loads of nooz media pressure.

    Haircuts there are $14. I paid that and left a $20 tip.

  22. Ah. I meant to mention something interesting in my prior comment. The “guidelines” say blow-drying is verboten because it can spread those nasty viruses around too much. But one of Lynn’s clients works somewhere in the bowels of the health dept and gave her a tip. In the salon, they put up temporary shower rods between the chairs and hung clear shower curtains up to separate the stations and block off the blow-dry breezes. Lo and behold, she got an OK from TPTB and is happily shampooing as well as cutting.

  23. I am going to get my hair cut with a buzz cut as soon as I can get my beard trimmed because right now I’m starting to look like a wooly bum, bum with my long shaggy white/gray beard and it’s driving me nuts. I go to the Man Shop a barber shop with all women barbers and they do a very good job of cutting hair. And I’ll probably leave them a pretty decent tip as well just because.

  24. Anonymous May 22, 2020 at 12:04 pm

    The police saw the video people were sending him because of Twitter.

    They arrested the sick slimeball.

    I saw the video and wish I hadn’t. That sicko deserves to be in solitary confinement until he is dead.

  25. Little Morphin’ Annie
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 12:13 PM
    “I’ve been trying to look for the silver lining…”

    …see Fur’s hair image around the temples, above…

  26. Hey Claudia
    Watch out for those with the shiny head.
    It may be a solar collector for a sex machine.

  27. geoff the aardvark
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 12:26 PM
    “geoff the aardvark
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 12:26 PM
    “I am going to get my hair cut with a buzz cut…”

    I’ve had my wife doing mine since I’ve had progressively less to require a professional every year for some time now. A trimmer with a #4 guard does pretty good.

    “…And I’ll probably leave them a pretty decent tip as well just because.”
    …well, mine’s my wife, so it’s usually a pretty GOOD tip, and THEN some.

    …read that any way you like…if it comes out pervy, that may be on YOUR end, tho…

  28. Open Thread, huh? Okay. Here are the topics I’ve been exploring IN DEPTH for the past couple of weeks:

    1. Owning and breaking wild horses. BLM Mustang Adoption; 100 Day Mustang Makeover; Mustang Trainer Incentive Program (TIP); Saving rescue horses (starvation, race horses, broncos, etc.); the genetic history of America’s wild horses. I’m pretty sure I could break a wild horse if I had to. If you’ve never seen how easy it is to domesticate a wild horse, you’ll be amazed. Check it out.

    2. Metal Detecting. Detectors and digging tools; how to research the best places to search; identification of coins through different periods and geographic locations in the U.S.; historically significant artifacts (buttons, pins, tokens,etc.); gold (coins in Colonial America, California & the west, TX, NC, NY, etc.); gold nuggets and where to find them. Pretty sure I could use a metal detector to find things other than bottle tops and beer can pull tabs.

    2.a. Numismatics; The Saxon Horde; History of American coins; Beach detecting; the history of slave tags; what is a Barber, a Walker, a Seated, a Classic, etc.?

    2.b. How gold occurs; geology and history of the Yellowstone hot spot; geology and history of the basalt columns of central Washington (Liberty)

    2.c. A particular 1943 copper penny is worth $1.7M. Look it up.

    3. Lynryd Skynyrd Band: How they started, how they died, who survived, why Jo Jo Billingsley was not on the plane, the NTSB report, etc. Ask me anything about LS.

    3.a. Review and reading about every musician who has died in an airplane crash. There are so many.

    4. Betty Broderick still feels no remorse for murdering her husband and his new wife. Diane Downes now believes she and her children were attacked by an FBI insider to cover up corruption in Lane County and the State of Oregon.

    I wondered what CV19 would drive me to investigate on the internets when this all started. So far, I’m more surprised than anyone at where all this idleness has taken me. At least I’m not spending hours watching cat videos on YT. Yet.

  29. @Supernightshade — My hair? *yawn* Pretty boring. Short: #6 top, #2 sides. Dark brown on top, graying on the sides.

    My mustache is magnificent, however.

  30. My mornings this past week have consisted of me waking up much too early and eating a few bowls of cereal with my cat sitting next to me waiting for his portion of the cereal milk.

    Today I slept in for a change so my cat came to get me, demanding his milk I guess. lol.

  31. “Lynryd Skynyrd Band: How they started, how they died, who survived, why Jo Jo Billingsley was not on the plane, the NTSB report, etc. Ask me anything about LS.”

    …the NTSB report would interest me, I got into those when I was running into burning buildings and had an inveterate interest in plane wrecks ever since, plus I like Lynryd Skynyrd even though Kid Rock sampled them later (which they’re apparently OK with since some were on stage with him at a Cincy concert playing it for him).

    Whaever you’ve got would be good, even the executive summary, since I never read that particular one…

  32. Uncle Al
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 1:04 PM

    “…My mustache is magnificent, however”

    …well, don’t tantalize, man, give out, since you’ve gone there! Handlebar, Pancho Villa, toothbrush, twirlable villain, walrus?

    …I bet it’s Walrus…
    “Certainly not one for the faint of heart, the walrus moustache is undeniably a statement. Big in the 19th century and earlier part of the 20th century, this look also enjoyed a revival in youth counterculture revolutions of the sixties. This style relies on growing out your facial hair for over five months. During this time, the hair will begin to hang over your top lip, giving the desired ‘walrus’ trademark. Ensure to shave your remaining facial hair for a true recreation of this traditional trend.”×1024.jpg

    …c’mon, give it up, man! Let the kids know what an adult male SHOULD look like! Civilization may be at stake!

  33. This GD lockdown is complete and utter insanity.
    It’s time, Patriots. it’s time…….

  34. @Supernightshade: The report was unspectacular. They ran out of gas. What is interesting about it, though, is that no one (the NTSB or anyone) can account for the the fuel loss other than they were running one of the engines (I think it was the right) “rich” to make up for a known problem, and didn’t calculate that into their fuel load. Still, with the additional burn, they should have had enough fuel to make the airport nearest the crash site.

    Why anyone got aboard that airplane that fateful night is a real head-scratcher. They had flames shooting out of that right engine just a day earlier in their flight from Florida. Would you get on an aircraft blowing smoke and flames that you know had not been repaired? It’s absolutely amazing so many survived the crash.

    Here’s the report:

    I was stationed in Colorado when the crash happened and I barely knew who LS were, so I’d never been that interested in what actually happened or who the band members were. It was only when I watched the documentary on Muscle Shoals last week that I did the deep dive into LS. Pretty amazing history of American rock music there. There are several survivor stories on YT.

  35. …Thanks for that, @AA, it’s an interesting read even with such a prosaic cause, to me anyway, to drill into the details of who lived, who died, how these conclusions are reached, and how you try to fill in the blanks (gear was UP, fuel was OFF, master radio was OFF, no CVR makes it a LOT harder…)…

    …the Saxon coins might be intetesting too, but I’m more a student of pre-Gallic War Kelts and the coinage they used to trade with the Romans before the rise of Verceringtorix. They really didn’t seem to take it too seriously, more like you want coins, here, we made coins, so they were all over the map on iconography but what they represent is not well documented…

  36. AbigailAdams
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 12:59 PM

    “…3.a. Review and reading about every musician who has died in an airplane crash. There are so many.” it’s STILL less than Hillary Clinton killed just on planes ALONE…

    (See the icons down the side: 16 highly coincidental plane wrecks alone, and this is an OLD list, so maybe MORE by NOW…)

  37. ^^^
    I was in Suzhou China about 15 years ago hanging out in an obscure bar with some co-workers after a long day preparing for a new product production run at my company’s factory. There was a polynesian band playing American pop music in the back and taking requests. I wrote a note on a napkin that said “play some Lynyrd Skynyrd please” and told my young coworker to hand it to the band leader just to see what they would do. The band leader gathered the group together to discuss the note and then they started playing “Sweet Home Alabama”. I was stunned (and drunk). The other patrons in the bar who had been ignoring them cheered! I laughed out loud, listening to a bunch of polynesian girls singing that song in a smokey bar in China. They got a nice tip that night.

  38. I had a meeting today on zoom with some leftist coworkers that live in CO while I’m now in TX. I know liberals are propagandized but today was beyond comprehension. One said the majority of tweets on protests are bots probably Russian and he believes all the open up protests are mostly fake Russian driven propaganda. Huh?! And Trump and Russia are in this together. Then added Trump is going to suspend the election and tweet orders for armed thugs to protect him at the capital. Frankly I’m looking forward to the election as is our President. I can’t believe there are people that think this way. He also went on about new normal and life never returning and at that point I had to interject that here in TX we are open, bars open today and restaurants at 50%. We don’t have masks mandatory most places. Life is going on. But they said this is abnormal and we will pay with our lives. TGIF and good thing I have one extra day to recover from that dose of insanity!

  39. I just want to shout a big “THANK YOU” to whomever adds the pics (memes) along with the stories. I come here several times a day just for the pictures and words of wit! I have NEVER been disappointed!!

  40. Jethro, you’ve never lived until you’ve heard a Filipino band sing Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple at a bar in Olongapo City in the Philippines or Ring of Fire or I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash. Of course all the San Miguel (San Magoo) beer and other booze actually makes them sound better than they really were. But who cared it was American music and it was live.

  41. @Supernightshade — “gear was UP, fuel was OFF, master radio was OFF, no CVR makes it a LOT harder…)…”

    The pilots were going for a landing in a grassy field they missed by 300 yards. I think they were just trying to glide in there and make a belly landing. The fuel lines weren’t off before they were completely empty — NTSB found about a quart(?) of fuel total in the entire plane and no outside spills at the crash site. They’d been out of fuel for quite a while and had been gliding from several thousand feet up. The band’s security manager, a man named Greg Odom, claimed he rushed the cockpit and yelled to the pilots, “I hope you two sons of bitches live through this, so I can kill both of you!”

    I saw another YT video of a similar Convair that crashed in Pretoria, So. Africa. One of the passengers filmed the left engine blowing smoke and fire as it was ascending. I haven’t tried to find the safety report on that crash.

    Why was the radio switched off? The only thing I can think of is that the pilots knew they were out of landing options and had to try to save the craft on their own. I imagine there was a lot of fear, swearing, praying and who-knows-what-else going on in that cockpit and they didn’t want anyone to hear them. Just a guess.

  42. @ghost — Yes, there are so many tales to be told through and about old coins. It’s all so very interesting. Funny how little thought we have about certain subjects of history until we discover how important those subjects are to others. I’ve learned a ton about British and American money pre- and post-Revolution, and I’m learning a ton about early American artifacts, too.

    I’d like to talk Geoff C. into getting a good detector and go out treasure hunting. Here on the west coast, the targets are more toward gold coins because we just don’t have the history of the east coast or the southeast. I didn’t know, for example, that paper money was illegal in California until 1870. That was 22 years after it made statehood. All they traded in was gold.

  43. @Supernightshade

    Were you at the Who concert in ’79?

    Abigail was already active duty in ’77, dang?

  44. The new coins with history..

    Scan your 2020-W quarters for a “v75” privy mark on the obverse. They are worth about 15 bucks, at least that’s what they sell for on eBay. It’s for the 75th year anniversary marking the end of WWII.
    Distributed to cities across the nation.

    The mint will sell 1945 (the year WWII ended) 2020 1oz gold eagles with the v75 privy as well as 75,000 1oz 2020-w v75 silver eagles.

    Also keep your eyes peeled for the new 2020-W pennies. First time minted at westpoint if I remember correctly.

    And for the old one: look for the 1776 PEWTER continental dollar coin. Someone recently found one at a swap meet in a coffee can of old tokens, paid $1 for it and it’s valued at $90k.

    Happy collecting!

  45. Okay, ecp, I’ve found my source for nifty coin info!

    How on earth could someone part with a 1776 continental dollar for a buck?! Must have thought it was a token or a counterfeit?

    Are the new 2020-Ws zinc?

  46. AA of course they are zinc. However there is a program going on right now called the “cent project” and one of the goals there is to gather condition of the zinc coins. The thought is since the zinc deteriorates faster than copper requiring more to be minted it’s perhaps in the best interest of the mint to go back to copper. It’s a huge project collecting massive amounts of data with a lot of pennies. Sign up for the cent project if you can it looks like fun.

    The swap meet the pewter coin was found was over in the UK and they don’t think much of US coins apparently. Also since it’s pewter many people don’t think of it being actual currency, but rather a modern token. There are replicas of the coin and even replicas are gaining value.

  47. SirCumference
    MAY 22, 2020 AT 5:38 PM

    “Were you at the Who concert in ’79?”

    …no, not that much of a Who fan and a bit young besides, but I remember the local news icon, Al Schottelkotte, who was pissing himself on-air because his son was there. Al was the local Walter Cronkite, so if HE was upset, EVERYONE was upset.

    This was what killed Festival Seating in arenas nationwide.

    Also, the City banned lighters after that, because that’s what Democrats do, ban things. Even in ’79, they weren’t letting a good crisis go to waste.

    …my only regret from that era was that someone with a puckish sense of humor I was later to come to fully appreciate briefly marketed a T-shirt that had footprints down the back diagonally witb the legend on the front saying, “I’ll walk over YOU to see the WHO”.

    (Yes, yes, sick, I know, but dark humor is kind of a coping mechanism I’ve found to be very, very effective in some pretty nasty situations, so don’t discount it, we’ll ALL meet the Reaper one day as will EVERYONE we love, so get used to it and learn to deal…)

    …oh, and Schottelkotte’s kid? He was fine.

    …but his dad’s toupee was a mess…

  48. ecp — Thank you for the link! I’ll definitely take a look at this.

    Funny, I was thinking that we should go back to mostly copper, given how quickly the zincs deteriorate. There was talk that we would eliminate the penny entirely. Is that true?

    I had an enormous indian head cent for a long time and it just “disappeared” at some point. It was undug and in beautiful condition. I can’t remember the year of the mint.

  49. My hairs O.K. It’s my beard that went Santa Claus white.

    If I wear a hat old ladies want to talk to me about Benny Goodman.

    If I shave it off….. I look 12.

    Really was hoping the white was going to come in at the sides like Reed Richards from the fantastic 4.

  50. Also. I may be slightly bored. All the vehicles I was working on are done or off to specialty shops for final tinkering, pin striping, whatever.

    All my summer projects are done because of the Dempanic.

    Even my lawn is mowed.

    Learned the coin roll trick. Both hands….. French drop is almost undetectable… even have a new engine for the go cart.

    Someone better start playing some damn baseball before I lose muh mind.

  51. Large cents are always in demand. I had one laying around completely worn smooth the date was either 1795 or 1797, couldn’t quite tell. It sold for 80 bucks on ebay. On if you goto the shop there are some really pisspoor slabbed large cents for hundreds and thousands of dollars. There’s not much “real” traction on eliminating the cent.

  52. 25 And Samuel died; and all the Israelites were gathered together, and lamented him, and buried him in his house at Ramah. And David arose, and went down to the wilderness of Paran.

    2 And there was a man in Maon, whose possessions were in Carmel; and the man was very great, and he had three thousand sheep, and a thousand goats: and he was shearing his sheep in Carmel.

    3 Now the name of the man was Nabal; and the name of his wife Abigail: and she was a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance: but the man was churlish and evil in his doings; and he was of the house of Caleb

  53. Speaking of French coin drops
    Someday a show of how Banking of Americas
    Ye old Round Up Round Down nickle trick

  54. Air Force III should be Kayleigh’s B52

    Now, I know that Kayleigh is a BEAUtiful woman and the B2 Stealth Bomber is a BEAUtiful aircraft; but

    Kayleigh don’t do stealth !!

    So B52 for you, Kayleigh.

    And THANK You !!!

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