Here’s the video everyone is talking about.

Libcrunt shows up with jar of vaseline to toss at LePage.

The left are angry and deranged.

6 Comments on Vaseline

  1. So the Governor makes an off handed and nasty comment involving a Dem State Senator giving into the people and not using Vaseline and this former leftist politician takes it upon herself to disrupt a town hall meeting and try to trump his nasty comments by tossing a jar of Vaseline on the stage?

    There’s real desperation here to win the “Who’s more crude and deranged” contest.

    I thought Walker caught a lot of flak for his budget, but this meeting in ME is a circus.

  2. He shoulda said: “Ma’am, I fully understand that low standards goes with the territory of being a politician, but where you are concerned there is no amount of Vaseline that is going to change my mind one iota!”

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