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Vatican Deficit: Is Francis Trusting in the Rich?

ENNews: The Council for the Economy held a December 15 online meeting to discuss the Vatican’s 2020 deficit, which is expected to amount to more than €60 million, due to Covid-19 measures and unfunded pension obligations. read more

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  1. Multiple Choice
    What do you call a secret order of men who wear robes and dress and fancy hats?

    a. A cult.
    b. The Catholic Church
    c. Roomful of pedophiles

  2. …maybe go into St. Peters and sell the gilding off of THIS, since it honors only a man and not God…

    …this is a Bernini piece called “The Chair of St. Peter”, and he does some gorgeous work, although like all rococo it can be a little over the top, but THIS piece annoys me because it glorifies the man who is only supposed to be God’s spokesman and DOESN’T glorify God.

    …current Pope aside, even the ORIGINAL Peter was nothing but man, flawed and failed as are we all, and by his own admission too. Certainly not a fit subject to worship before, and if I won’t lionoze HIM, why would I bow before his CHAIR?

    I don’t go to church to honor men, I’m there only for the Lord. This is one of the things that pushed me away from the Catholic Church myself, that they tend to fixate on the messenger and not the message until you have some dude of dubious background wearing expensive but doofy clothes who thinks you should kiss HIS ring and do what HE says about EARTHLY things.

    …my own Pastor says it very well. He usually opens each sermon with a prayer that includes something on the order of “Hide me behind the Cross so I don’t distract from the Message, and may those who look to me see only Your Word”.

    …as it SHOULD be.

    The Catholic Church has some really nice things.

    …what was it that Jesus said?

    “21 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.

    22 But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.

    23 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.”
    Matthew 19:21-23

    …if Bergoglio were a TRUE Man of God, we’d hear only the Lord’s word and see him humbled before it, not glorified and expecting world leaders to cling to his uninspired pronouncements. He sold Notre Dame to the Muslims, so maybe a couple of his gilded cups could be vended instead of his fleecing the flock to cover HIS excesses in the economy that HE helped to destroy, and is STILL trying to destroy, were he TRULY a Man of God…

    …but he won’t. Socialiam fir thee, and not for me.

    He remains in the world.

    And he ALSO remains OF the world…

  3. I wouldn’t send so much as a wooden nickle to support any cause this filthy disgusting leftist reprobate is backing. The odds are that what you will be doing is funding something immoral or antithetical to Christian teaching. He is a despicable, treacherous Marxist, a scandal and a disgrace.

  4. Fuck the Pope.
    This one is a heretic!
    A false leader.
    A protector of monsters.

    Sell the art work and gold.
    Pay your victims of child molestation!

  5. The faithful are leaving in droves. Francis is trying to modify, mold the church to the modern world. The church claims to have an infallible Pope. Obvious lies, smoke and mirrors.

    Come home to the Orthodox church. It hasn’t changed in in over 2,000 years.

  6. What good Catholic would send money to support such an evil Poop … I mean Pope (spending too much time reading Anymouse’s emails!!! hehe)?

  7. Okay, now that it’s on the second page I’ll admit that for a very brief time I started down the path that would have culminated in ordination in Rome.

    Servite seminary was NOT a good place.

    But again, it did give me the perfect fast for lent that I extended for my entire life. I gave up organized religion.

    Let the late comer comments begin…


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