Vatican Uses Donations for the Poor to Plug Its Budget Deficit


VATICAN CITY—Every year, Catholics around the world donate tens of millions of dollars to the pope. Bishops exhort the faithful to support the weak and suffering through the pope’s main charitable appeal, called Peter’s Pence.

What the church doesn’t advertise is that most of that collection, worth more than €50 million ($55 million) annually, goes toward plugging the hole in the Vatican’s own administrative budget, while as little as 10% is spent on charitable works, according to people familiar with the funds….

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  2. They have learned well from UN accounting, less than 10% of the money donated goes to where the giver intends.
    Program heads get $ 100,000 a month in salary from the UN.

  3. Gee Wally, if I didn’t know any better I’d say the Vatican is being run by the democRATs!

    Naw Beave, they’re both being run by the Communists!

  4. Any Catholics still believe popes are infallible when they speak ex cathedra? And how about that unbroken line of apostolic succession going all the way back to Peter?

  5. My phrases for churches:

    Shearers of the Sheep.

    House of ill-repute.

    Guilt trippin from the alter.

    I’ve seen enough of what goes on in churches to keep me from ever entering through the doors. Only attend a round church, that way the devil can’t corner you.

  6. I think there’s a shitstorm ready to rain down on this faker-asshole soon.

    ….and it ain’t about budget deficits.

  7. Any refugees get invited to the Vatican to live?

    I recall my husband telling me about the priest who showed up at his aunts house asking where her tithe money was. That took balls to do. I’d love to see one show up on my door step, he’d be leaving without any balls.

  8. Goldenfoxx- Pope took one or two refugee families but no one’s heard from or of them since. lol!

    Ah those were the days. No matter what state, city or village…The priests would show up to your door like the bums on the street who hop on your hood and clean your windshield for spare change.
    Back before that, though, the priests (Catholic or otherwise) would come to the house if someone was ill or a baby was born, etc. But they were usually sent by a fam member, a neighbor. And the priests didn’t expect a tip either.

  9. How come Catholics don’t get to vote for pope? Why do a handful of house mates get to pick who represents 3 billion people on Earth? I’m asking seriously.

  10. Well, Vatican City does have all those illegal aliens jumping their border to house, feed and educate; oh, wait.

  11. @grool

    Even the Curia admits the first pope was
    Linus !

    As for the rest

    Gutter trash hypocrisy


    the dogma of the roman church !

  12. Ah, Catholicism. This is the “faith” which turned a pirate into a pope using Medici money. I’ve always believed that was a particularly telling little adventure in Catholic history.

  13. oh yeah, Catholics … pillaging, raping, conquering … all in the name of the Lord, of course … go talk to Mexico, central & South America … ‘Caramba!’

    Pope Clement V helped take down the world’s first banking system when he sanctioned torturing & killing the Knights Templars … Friday 13, 1307
    I won’t go into the selling of absolutions, or the Inquisition

    I remember a good friend of mine, proper Catholic boy, taking his tax returns to his local parish so the local priest could determine how much he should give to the church for his tax deduction. he told me it was a common Catholic practice back in ‘the day’ … I was incredulous!

  14. it also happens with the mega churches and also the televangelist Baptists. They don’t want a dollar, they want percentages. My Jewish ex- boss was complaining bitterly about people throwing money at the synagogue so they could be guaranteed a good seat up front during services. And the unbelievers aren’t safe, either.
    They belong to an organization which mails out form letters for donations so that they can guarantee your right to disbelieve.

    You don’t need to stop religioning. That’s between you and God only.

    But- You need to step away from your local man made church when it starts seeing dollar signs and turns to SJW tactics, though.

  15. The Vatican runs its budget for the less fortunate about the same way the government does. The government will blacklist certain charities, and advise people not to donate to them, for not spending a high enough percentage of the donated dollar on the target group, perhaps due to spending to high a percentage on their administrative cost.

    Yet the government spends a lower percentage of each tax dollar taken in and budgeted for welfare program recipients than many of the blacklisted charities.

    Government bureaucrats can eat up a lot of money to enrich themselves or just waste it. If you have the power to write the rules, it seems, you also have the power to violate them without negative consequences. You can get away with this when you can force people to hand over money they earned. Charities otoh, have to convince people to voluntarily donate money. Sometimes they earn and deserve people’s support, other times they just fool people into donating to a wasteful organization or they are organizations that are purely a scam. I tend to rank government as a scam.


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