Vault 7, Internet Security, and Your Life on Display

AT: As an electronics hardware and software designer, I have taken keen interest in the Wikileaks disclosure of the CIA’s Vault 7 hacking tools. Wikileaks has been dribbling out the details for months now, showing us what the CIA has been developing to, ahem, keep us safe from the bad guys. When I talk with fellow engineers about the possibility that the feds are sucking up every bit of data they can get their packet sniffers on, we all agree it is happening, to an unknown extent. How amazing to now get an actual peek behind the overpriced GSA-schedule gray curtain.


These disclosures are disturbing in multiple ways, for example, that our tax dollars are funding the federal government’s hacking of free citizens’ lives, all under the premise that they are only targeting criminals and spies. Most commentators find this the greatest outrage.

The most disturbing fact to me, as a tech insider and developer, is that the Swiss cheese computing tools we use today are way more hole than cheese. Vault 7 is evidence of this. There are exploits in Vault 7 for nearly every modern computing platform, operating system, and communications method. Everything connected to the Internet is broken. Everything. Including the device on which you are reading this article.  MORE

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  1. Anybody that puts anything of concern onto an electronic medium that that don’t want shared is, simply, stupid.

  2. But how can Good™ government know what to make illegal, if they don’t know who’s doing what?

  3. MJA, When Barky “Gave the Internet” to the UN, I figured that not only would they soon begin taxing everyone, but this allowed the world’s most prolific hackers full access to every single user.

  4. The ‘holes’ are built in, they have always been built in. If a particular piece of hardware is problematic, the service provider will allow the government access to the data in transit.

    Electronic devices in the hands of people like us will never be secure.

    If you are worried about the governments ‘reading your mail’, you already know how to prevent that if it’s important to you. Unfortunately, that requires more than watching a youtube video and downloading an app.

    If you WANT attention from a government, let them get a hint you are using secure communications. Secure from them. That gives them the red ass every time.

  5. Since the days of analog cell sites in the
    early 90’s there has always been a “DOJ” connection
    to every cell site in the USA.

  6. china is asking for US source code for routers so they can make sure there are no hidden traps (and they can install their own…tho they do not mention that part).
    I think cisco and some others agreed.

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